Sand, sea, and sunlight

While thinking about and planning this trip I looked forward to the educational events we had planned, but I also dreamed of the hours we’d spend on the beach, soaking in the sun with the wind in our faces.

The bigs loved the water, even though it was very cold.  Parker loved playing in the sand, and I loved watching all four of them explore the very beach I was raised on.  I remember the hours I spent playing here with my brother while my mom, grandmothers, and aunt worked on their tans.  The whole trip was sentimental, from the house we slept in to the restaurants we ate in.


I took a few pictures of the boys’ sand creations as well as a few creatures that washed ashore.  Yet again I was reminded why I’m a pool swimmer rather than a sea/lake swimmer.


(The center picture is blurry because the phone was still in the ziplock bag.  Eventually I took it out and risked the sand and water so I could get a better picture of these creatures.)

One evening I brought my real camera out.  I know that the lighting at sunset is the best, so I didn’t even waste my time lugging the D300s during day-time beach visits.  I was not disappointed.  I hope you enjoy the following images… none have been edited.  I’m just not able to dedicate time to that right now in my life.

_JEN9007 _JEN9009 _JEN9025 _JEN9028 _JEN9029 _JEN9056 _JEN9052 _JEN9051 _JEN9069

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