All around the world… or maybe just the Carolinas.

One thing I’ve always loved about growing up in North Carolina is that we have easy access to both the beach and the mountains.  My personal preference has always been the mountains.  Matt’s too.  We discovered that Hayden and Carson lean that way, as well. Bailey and Parker would probably claim to like the beach more but we’re not holding that against them.

Sand.  Gross.  Living things floating and swimming nearby while you try to swim in the ocean.  Gross.  Dead things washed up on shore creating in-person science lessons… gross, though really cool.

The past week the boys and I spent five days at the beach, and then Matt and I spent two days in the mountains of North Carolina.  I will share some of our stories over the next few days, but I’ll give you a brief overview of the past week here…our starting and ending point was Columbia, SC:

2013-05-20On Mothers Day the boys and I drove to Oak Island, NC to begin our beach vacation.  Mom joined us on Tuesday.  She and the boys went to her house on Thursday and I was supposed to head back to Columbia on that date, but trouble ensued… I wasn’t able to leave the beach until the following day.  Friday I loaded up and drove as fast as I thought I could get away with to Columbia, picked Matt up off the side of the road (almost literally) and we drove to Asheville.  Friday evening we rehearsed a gorgeous wedding for a gorgeous couple.  Saturday we enjoyed the wedding and reception before heading to Stanfield (just outside of Charlotte) to reunite with our boys.  They were still up watching a movie when we got to Mom’s at 10:30… I was SO glad to see them!  Sunday we went to church with my parents, my brother and his family.  We think it’s been over ten years since that last happened.  And last night we had a rousing game of “see if the photographer can get a good family picture inside since it’s raining and oh, don’t forget, we have 3 bigs, 2 toddlers, and a 7 month old we need smiling simultaneously.”  Not sure if the photographer won or if the toddlers won…  After pictures and left-over birthday cake the Hamricks loaded up in an over-full minivan and drove back to Columbia, arriving home around 10:30.

I sit here so happy to be home, but treasuring every memory that was made over the past eight days.  My heart is full.  I’m feeling better than I was a month ago.  Glad the funk has passed, starting to get excited about our upcoming move.  And HEY, I meet Dave Ramsey three weeks from today (barring any unforeseen situation that would cause him to not be on the air on that date)!!

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1 Response to All around the world… or maybe just the Carolinas.

  1. Beth T. says:

    Hey, I thought your pic’s of Southport, Ft. Caswell, and Ft.Fisher were looking familiar!
    We have made a family trip to Ft. Fisher Military Rec. Center(lodging) every year since Aaron was
    born(’98.) Their lodgings were a family favorite until shortly before Germany in 2008.
    We have happy memories of the aquarium there, Southport and the ferry, etc.
    Nice to see someone else enjoying familiar digs.

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