Pull-up bar, wooden stool, & frozen peas

What do those things have in common?

dWJkJ9yVSISkissHJjA+5gNothing, unless you’re a ten year old boy.

Recently Hayden and Carson were playing around on Matt’s pull-up bar and Carson had been using a wooden square-shape-topped stool to reach the bar.  Hayden, not needing the stool, absentmindedly kicked it backwards as he was jumping up to grab the bar.  The corner of the square-shape-topped stool landed directly on Carson’s foot.

He needed frozen peas to help the swelling go down.  He said he could feel the pooled blood when he walked for a few days.  SO GROSS.  He had a hard time walking and even maneuvered the stairs on his knees for a while.  Poor kid.

(Don’t you love the rig he created to hold the frozen peas onto the injured foot?)

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