Are You in a Pit?

If you haven’t read the series this week on how I’ve struggled with where I am right now, you might want to.  It’ll help this post make more sense to you.  I’m going to jump right in assuming you have been reading along…

April 10th was my bluest day in this move so far.  In my quiet time I journaled:

Seriously God? I’m in a funk, hating this feeling.  I am miserable, grumpy, blue – and the heat (89* yesterday) isn’t making matters any better.  The thought of Texas is not pleasant.  I wonder… what were you thinking?

The next day during my quiet time and I read some very powerful words.  Words that, I believe, were placed there just for me.  It was powerful so I underlined and made sure I took note of it.

IMG_0722“…even the weather.”  It hit me hard.  I knew I was being immature to complain about the heat.  I knew I was making a bigger deal out of it than was necessary.  And ultimately, I knew that three years from now I’d be grieving again, at the thought that we were having to leave Texas and the great people we are sure to meet there.

I then turned to my next book that I’m doing and I read this:


Man.  How God knows me.  He knew what I needed to hear.  I was doing a good job of sticking to my Made to Crave eating/exercising goals.  I wasn’t eating out of a need to be comforted, so that was really fantastic of me.  (The old me would have.)  But I was still in a funk and seeing the words “Have you ever been in a pit?  Yesterday I was.” on paper was crazy because “yesterday I was” too!!

That moment, on April 11th, I started to feel my healing begin.  It wasn’t until the past week, really, when I started to feel more excited about Texas.  Sure, I knew all along that God has His best in mind for me, but my emotions hadn’t caught up with my head.  I believe that it’s just now starting to.  It helps that it’s time to start physically working on the move… yesterday I mapped out our route from here to Killeen, finding fun things to do along the way.  That really helped me see part of the adventure ahead of us.

My favorite story from the Bible is the story of Joseph and how he was covered by God’s hand while he spent years in a place that was not his home… not a place he would choose to live.

  1. Genesis 37:24 – Joseph was thrown into a pit.  I don’t like pits.  My pit does not compare to Joseph’s pit.  I got there because I wasn’t graceful in my attitude toward where God was sending me (sounds a little like Jonah).  Joseph, on the other hand, was thrown there by his flesh-and-blood.
  2. Genesis 39:2  – The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered.  3: Even his Egyptian master could even see that the Lord was with him;  5: the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s household because of Joseph; 21: Joseph was thrown, unrightfully, into prison and even there, the Lord was with him.  Even the warden showed him favor; 23: the Lord was with him.  WHEN GOD REPEATS HIMSELF, HE WANTS US TO LISTEN.
  3. Genesis – God rescued him:  37:21 Reuben talked his brothers out of killing Joseph; 37:26 Judah decided to not kill Joseph but to sell him as a slave; 37:28  the right caravan came by at just the right time that would get Joseph into just the right house in Egypt; 39:20 when Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of assaulting her, Potiphar didn’t kill him immediately but put him into the prison where the king’s prisoners were kept; 39:23 God gave him success in all he did while in prison; 41:16 & 39 Joseph was able to discern the Pharaohs’ dreams because God gave him the ability to.
  4. Genesis 41 – God gave him wisdom – we’ve seen several examples of God giving Joseph wisdom throughout this.  But to point to a specific example clearly, interpreting the Pharaoh’s dreams was direct wisdom from God:  Genesis 41:25-  The seven good cows are seven years of harvest.  The seven ugly cows represent seven years of famine.  Fast-forward to verse 33: Joseph says, “…and now let Pharaoh look for a discerning and wise man and put him in charge of the land of Egypt.  Let Pharaoh appoint commissioners over the land to take fifth of the harvest of Egypt during the seven years of abundance.  They should store up food and it should be held in reserve so that the country may not be ruined by the famine.”  Because Joseph had discerned this dream and had proven himself trustworthy throughout his time in prison, Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all the palace and all his people.  Only Pharaoh himself was greater than Joseph.  From pit to 2nd in command.  This one example of how Joseph was given wisdom saved Egypt and Joseph’s own family, who later came to Egypt begging for assistance.  Joseph was able to provide that assistance.  The promises God made to him when he was young (and maybe a little arrogant) came true.

And think… had Joseph not been thrown into a pit, he wouldn’t have been sold as a slave into Egypt.  Had he not been a slave in Potiphar’s house, he wouldn’t have been accused of rape.  Had he not been accused of rape, he wouldn’t have ended up in the king’s prison, able to discern the Pharaoh’s dream… the discernment of this dream is exactly what got him put in charge of all of Egypt. Being put in charge of all of Egypt is ultimately what saved thousands of people from starvation during the famine.  Those pits are not fun, don’t seem to have a purpose, but God loves us, likes to surprise us, and is with us even when we’re in the pit.  

God makes promises to those He loves.  Stand on those.  Go back and read in your journals what promises God has made to you.  This will remind you that He loves you and has His best in mind for you.  I’m not promising the pit will be a fun place to be, but it might be the right place to be for a season.  We don’t have to be pit dwellers, but we can be certain of one thing while we’re there:  God is with us.  He will rescue us.  And, if we will be open to what He has to say, He will give us wisdom.

 The two books referred to in this post are the Jesus Calling Devotional and the Made to Crave devotional.  I was not given a free copy of these books in return for a review.  I just really like both of them.

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3 Responses to Are You in a Pit?

  1. whimsymum says:

    I love this!!! I have been reading along but not replying (other than the quick survey without comments) due to this non-move move in which I find myself. God’s timing is hilariously perfect!

  2. the most wisdom I have seen in a post in a long time…I have never thought of my “pits” in this way and how I have needed to…thank you, Jennifer, for posting what God shared with you. I firmly believe we help our brothers and sisters when we praise what God is doing in our lives…like you are doing with how He is teaching you about the pits of life. .. how much help this will be to others who are going through the pit times. I want to print this out and put it in my Bible to re-read when needed. 🙂 ( I thought the disclaimer to be funny too, having been a book reviewer for the free books) 🙂 . Love you!

  3. Wendy Barnette Pope says:

    jennifer—who have you grown into a godly woman!!! so proud of you as you use your voice for the Lord

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