Life at Ft. Jackson

While Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC isn’t the most exotic place I’ve ever lived, it does have some charms that I absolutely love.

One of my favorite aspects of living here is seeing our newest recruits walking around post.  On this particular day they were walking (as opposed to marching) somewhere and they took up a lot of real estate.  Couldn’t help but snap a picture.
IMG_0786Another fun aspect of living here is watching all the neighborhood children freeze at 1700, place their hands on their hearts, and face the music while the main post flag is being lowered.  This flag that represents so much, we offer it a few minutes of respect each afternoon, thankful for the freedoms we have and the opportunities we enjoy.

I’m often reminded that our “problems” in America are so minute in the grande scheme of things.  I get frustrated when things happens like the internet goes out, I run out of coffee filters, or the grounds-keepers weed-eat right outside the baby’s bedroom window during his naptime (perk of living on post).  I remind myself, in these moments, to be grateful that my life is so easy.  I’m not struggling to find fresh water.  My babies go to bed well fed every night.  I have nothing to complain about.

(And yet I do complain.  I know.  I’m human.  And I realize that I still haven’t posted about my difficult transition from Germany back to the states… that might be a post full of complaints… but again… I’m human.)

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