Over the river and through the woods…

Every Sunday we drive over the Congaree River on our way to NewSpring-Columbia. Every single time we’ve done so I’ve thought, “We really need to take the boys to the Riverwalk one of these days.”  It took us until mid-April to finally feel rested enough to want to do something besides rest on a Sunday afternoon… this season of non-stop school and soccer has left us treasuring our sabbath and protecting it carefully.  

The weather was gorgeous, the boys were in heaven finding swords (sticks) to wield and cannon balls (rocks) to throw.  I think they were pleasantly surprised by how much fun they had because they weren’t entirely thrilled when we pulled them off the playground beside our house, and away from their friends, to go walk beside a river.

The Riverwalk has a perfectly manicured sidewalk of concrete but why would any self-respecting boy choose to walk on that when there are winding dirt paths along the river?
_JEN8227_JEN8373_JEN8270 _JEN8362 Every now and then they’d come up and walk beside us, only when there was no possible way to walk along the water’s edge._JEN8245 Found a nice guy carrying a huge camera to take our picture.  He did ok, even though he didn’t quite know how to meter a Nikon.  Glad I did a rough job of metering before I handed the camera to him.  This is SOOC.  (Straight out of camera… actually, all of these images are.  One thing I’ve quit doing is editing photos.  I aim to make them as close to perfect in camera because I don’t want to devote a lot of my time to editing later.)_JEN8384

The whole time we were walking I was reminiscing about the last time we lived here and brought the bigs to the Riverwalk.  They were just babies!  (Hayden was 5 1/2, Carson was 3 1/2, Bailey was 2 1/2… six months younger than Parker is now!)

20130418-081521 20130418-0815211 20130418-0815212

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3 Responses to Over the river and through the woods…

  1. Amie says:

    Sweet! That’s how I remember the boys…you all were so sweet coming to get me and the kids to take us with you one weekend while Ron was in CHBOLC. Rory and Jake were so little too! I remember them all riding bikes and scooters. Crazy how time goes by.

    • Jennifer says:

      I remember that like it was yesterday! And being here in Cola for a second time really makes it fresh on the mind. I hope we can be stationed together sometime!

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