The Opposite of a Bear

Most people are, apparently, like bears. I know this because I’ve been running all winter here at Fort Jackson and usually only pass one or two other runners (exercisers) each time.  Bump the heat up to 80 and the bears wake up.  Last night, as I took Bailey to soccer, I passed dozens of people out on the running paths (as I was driving in my car with AC… don’t judge). Where have these people been?!?


I must be the antithesis of a bear, because I’m just now entering my hibernating season. It’s too hot to run. And it’s only April.

I’m retraining muscles that have been given a break the past four months.  Insanity is my favorite indoor exercise routine and my legs, which feel as sturdy as jello at times, are being challenged.  My arms and chest are feeling the ache of the pushups that are incorporated into the program.

So, here’s to heat, hibernating, and some Insanity.  (And hopefully the occasional day that falls below 80 so I can get out and run in the sunshine.  That’s nice every once in a while.)

(Image of bear taken by my old enV phone while we were following a wild bear we spotted just sauntering around Colorado Springs.  I didn’t have an iPhone at the time, which would have captured a much clearer image.)  

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