What’s in your ear?

I’m a child of the 80’s (born in the late 70’s so I don’t remember much about them).  I remember cassette tapes and when the machines that played them evolved to a point that they could automatically begin playing Side B… gone were the days of having to get up, remove the cassette, flip it over, and press play.  Life was good.

I remember when my dad bought our family its first CD player.  The beautiful part about that machine was there was no rewinding!  It didn’t have a screen that displayed song names, only a digital number was visible in the window, but you could fast forward to a particular song track.  You had to glance at the CD cover to find the song you wanted to hear, find the track number, and press FF until you saw that number.  Life was good.

I remember when Matt got our family its first iPod.  Who am I kidding?  It wasn’t the family’s… it was his.  And it was HUGE.  He was training to join the Army and he ran with that thing strapped to his arm, burning an extra 100 calories per run just by carrying the extra weight of the thing.


(image from Apple’s website)

I remember my first iPod.  We bought it used at this great store in Colorado Springs… it was hot pink.  During my early running years I listened to music while I ran.  Nothing like some David Crowder Band to get the feet moving!  And then I moved to Germany and got an iPhone and a whole new world opened up to me.  I learned about podcasts and the amazing information I could digest by listening to the greats share their ideas.  For a long time I only listened to Dave Ramsey’s radio show (I pay the subscription fee to get all three hours with no commercials, but you can get an hour a day for free).

Then I added in Dave’s EntreLeadership podcast, which is hosted by Chris LoCurto who interviews successful leaders in the world of business.  The purpose of this podcast is to encourage entrepreneurs to become world class leaders.  I have no desire to ever start a business, but I feel that the information presented is worth my time.  I love to listen to these episodes and I learn ways to better myself as a mom, homeschooling teacher, and manager of my home.  In my two-part series, Are you GrowingI encourage you to listen to a full episode because, when I find a great source of information, I am as excited about sharing it with others as I am about implementing the ideas for my own life.


So here are the podcasts I currently listen to with a brief explanation of what each one is about:

  • The Dave Ramsey Show – this links to the free, one-hour version.  You’ll have to subscribe on his website to have access to the three hour, commercial-free one.
  • EntreLeadership – highly successful people share their thoughts on leadership (John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Lysa TerKerust, Dan Cathy…)
  • NewSpring Church – We are taking a break during this time of school for Matt and simply going to church every Sunday.  No leading worship, no teaching, just soaking it in.  Many churches have podcasts now and Matt probably listens to a dozen pastors as he runs.
  • The Busy Mom’s Survival Guide – I’m LOVING this podcast.  PJ Jonas is a homeschooling mom of eight children and she also runs a full-time business from home.  She has great parenting tips and I’m soaking in her wisdom as I raise only half as many children!
  • Savvy Homeschool Moms – Outright secular, these two moms share what it’s like to homeschool in a predominately Christian homeschooling world.  They share neat ideas and great tips on curriculum and have introduced me to a few other podcasts that I listen to intermittently.

If you ever pass me while I’m out running, I will have Bose ear buds in my ear, and will probably be learning something rather than just listening to something.  So… what’s in your ear?

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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