He’s no fool.

I get to take this holiday off.  I never liked April Fool’s Day as a kid.  Not a fan of practical jokes or pranks.  So when I started dating this really cute, tall guy from Belmont and learned that his birthday was on April Fool’s Day, I was quick to suggest that we let his birthday trump the dumbest holiday ever thought of… that is, until Pi Day was invented.


We’ve spent every April Fool’s Day since 1995 singing Happy Birthday instead of scheming devious-but-harmless pranks to pull on one another.  And I’m happy about that!

This particular year, Matt’s birthday fell on the same weekend as Easter.  Yesterday we celebrated the most precious of all Holy-days on our calendar.  If I had to guess, there were few other places Matt would have rather been on the day before his birthday than sitting where we were sitting, listening to the gorgeous-if-gruesome story of our Saviour’s sacrifice.  NewSpring Church presented the gospel clearly and I have never seen so many people accept Christ into their hearts at one time.  People of all ages… from teens to grandparents.  It was breathtaking.

On Saturday, our family celebrated Matt by sleeping late. And by late I mean 8:30… that’s about as late we can make it around here.  The boys were lazy and enjoyed a morning at home with no school work to do.  They watched TV and played iPods before going outside to enjoy the sunshine.  During their rest-time Matt and I went on a lunch date and ran errands.  Errands are more fun when done in the context of a date!

After errands were completed we returned home, gathered our crew and headed off to Frankie’s Fun Park to ride the go-carts and test out the batting cages.

IMG_0609 20130401-063532 IMG_0620

As we were leaving the park I glanced ahead at my dancing son and noticed he was being followed by five shadows.  We were all tickled that he was walking and dancing… I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few pictures of him dancing surrounded by our shadows.  I love little moments like this:

IMG_0626And if you know Matt at all you know where he wanted to go for dinner.  Yep.  Outback Steakhouse.  We had the wait staff sing Happy Birthday – we were that family.

aq5F8uOFQ%Wv3H0TumLAsAIn the end I think Matt felt celebrated and enjoyed having a relaxing weekend.  Oh, I forgot to mention that he ran 11 miles on Saturday.  “Relaxing” might not be the best word, but he didn’t have to go anywhere and was able to take it easy.  That’s what he needed during this season of school where the pace is quite different from “real chaplaincy.”

For his actual birthday dinner I’m making a few of his favorite finger-foods and we’re having the Coopers over.  What a fun treat to be stationed with such great friends during this short tour.  Bring on the Tex-Mex Chicken Melts, guacamole, and Will Davis’ Salsa!

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  1. Oh my gosh – you guys are so cute in that first picture together – isn’t it fun to look back and then see where you are now? Thanks for sharing – Happy Birthday Matt!!

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