Celebrating Bailey in 2013

Bailey turns 9 today!  He is entering the last of his single-digit years.  12 months from now my three bigs will all be proud military ID owners.  We’re celebrating with a shortened day of school as most of the celebrations were held over the weekend.  I would normally give him the entire day off, but he’s getting Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off since we’re going to go visit Nana and Papa for a few days.  I thought we should do some school this week… even if it is his birthday!  He didn’t complain a bit, and is in the other room as I write doing Spanish.

Here is a quick Top 10 of Bailey’s past year, in chronological order:

  1. Awesome trip to England to visit Owen and his family
  2. _JEN8263First day of 3rd grade  _JEN0678
  3. Bailey in our annual May photo shoot9
  4. Bailey makes great friends_JEN2766
  5. Legoland _JEN2999
  6. Bailey became a Christian IMG_3271
  7. Italy _JEN3934
  8. Flying back to the states _JEN5878
  9. First gun and reunion with family _JEN5917
  10. First broken bone of the Hamrick boys IMG_0160

We are so glad Bailey’s a part of our family.  He brings life and joy to every day.  So thankful I was chosen to be his mom.

Here are a few past blog posts about Bailey’s birthdays:

Bailey’s 8th birthday
Bailey’s 7th birthday

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