Parker’s THREE!

What a fun year this has been!  We have seen our little man become quite independent and his personality continue to grow.  He has a magnetic quality about him that draws even strangers in stores to notice him and smile.


He speaks very clearly for his age and he talks a lot.  No clue where he got that trait.

In October he quit sucking his thumb, a habit I was glad to see broken before it became a problem, but I admit I thought it was absolutely adorable.  We got a few pictures of him on our Italy trip still comforting himself this way and then, just like that, he stopped.  (I’m linking to the Venice part of our Italy trip because I tell part of the story in that post and to this post because it tells a little more.)

Parker melts our hearts daily, has his brothers wrapped around his little finger, and impresses us continually with his smarts.  He loves to go to his classes (at church and PWOC) and he makes me smile when we pass complete strangers and he points at the saying, “That’s my friend.”

This post simply won’t do Parker justice, so I won’t try.  I’ll leave you with his annual collages, and some links to other posts that are relevant to his birthday.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Parker’s third birthday!!

Recliner photos parker1

Parker collage 2nd year


(And I just can’t leave this without saying, Parker misses his two best buds who will be celebrating their own third birthdays soon!  Connor and Kayla, Parker sends hugs and kisses from the US!)

Birth Story – read at your own risk

Parker’s beautiful blue and brown “1st Birthday” party

Parker’s 2nd Birthday Post

If you want to read more about Parker, there are some categories listed on the right hand column of this blog.  Feel free to click on “parker” and read on.  He’s given me plenty to write about, that little blonde-haired beauty!

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  1. smilindown says:

    Happy Birthday Parker!!

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