18 Minutes: Part 1 (Pause)

Why spend time working on our schedules and calendars?

Because our lives are the sum of all the days, weeks, months, and years on the calendar.  If you are a day over 25 you know the feeling of time flying.  If you’re not quite that age, you are probably starting to sense that it is picking up the pace, but just hold on.  It speeds up. At 35 I’m wondering how in the world it could possibly go faster and yet, I’m told it does. (Look closely at the clock below.  You can see the second hand ticking away.  I was practicing with shutter speeds…)


My baby will be 3 soon.  Wasn’t he just born?!?  My oldest is in middle school.  Wasn’t he just the mascot of the youth group in NC?!?  Now he’s officially in a youth group.  We just moved to South Carolina three months ago.  Don’t we move to Texas in only three more months?  Okay, that one was tricky… that really is happening at lightening speed.  Good ‘ole Captain’s Career Course.

So, with time flying at the speed of light, it is imperative to put only the things you want on the calendar and eliminate the things that don’t bring joy.  This is why I read this book.

Part 1 of the book is about pausing.  Taking a look at your life and where you are, where you want to go, and discovering the best way to get there.  I mentioned this in the last post when I quoted Peter Bregman, “A brief pause will help you make a smarter next move.” The way my family does this is by PCSing every 2-3 years.  We have to take our hands off of all the irons in the fire: chapel, PWOC, volunteer positions, homeschool groups.  When we get somewhere new, we only pick up those things that will help us get to where we want to go.

If you aren’t military, I can see that this could be a bit more difficult.  Having to give up a position in a church (or school or club) when you’ve held it for some time could be quite difficult.   I remember before we joined the military and were serving in a local church, I knew I had to stop teaching Sunday School… it was a really difficult decision because I felt I was letting everyone down:  the kids, the parents, and maybe even God Himself.  But I was not called to that position but had taken it to fill a need.  What I ended up doing was taking the job from the person who was called to it.  Someone who wanted to do it, and definitely did a much better job than I did.  Of course, there are some tasks that simply need to be done.  Don’t try to tell me that you can’t take the trash out after a function because you aren’t “called” to trash duty.  We’re all more mature than that, here, aren’t we?

Within Part 1 Mr. Bregman talks about taking regular rest stops.  They are “useful interruptions” and as a great example, he discusses the Jewish Sabbath.  I’m not Jewish but I follow the Christian tradition that Sundays are a day of rest.  When Matt is preaching on a regular basis, we will sometimes take our “rest” on Saturday.  Pausing the rhythm of the week to recoup, regenerate, reenergize.  My family also takes this rest on a daily basis. We have nap time every day that we’re home.  Parker sleeps and the bigs go to their rooms to read, play Legos, do extra homework when necessary, or to play on their iPods.  I get some “me” time in, exercising or writing, cleaning or working on dinner.  Once 4-o’clock hits my boys come barreling down the stairs eager to play together, grab a snack, and head outside.  Reenergized.  On the days we skip this, we can tell by the attitudes of everyone (including myself) that we missed out on that recharge time.

I can’t say it better than Peter Bregman said it himself:

Regular rest stops are useful interruptions.  They will refuel your body and mind, naturally reorient your life toward what’s important to you, and create the time and space to aim your efforts more accurately.

For the Series Intro, click here.

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