Parker turns blue.

Our last night at Edelweiss in America The Great Wolf Lodge was a little eventful.  Parker woke up barking like a seal a few times, and climbed into bed with us.  He tossed and turned for a while before finally falling asleep. I woke before everyone, showered, and as I was doing my make-up, Parker started to wake up.  He coughed a little, and then a little more.  Within ten seconds he was coughing and barking and totally terrified because he could get air out but not back in.  I went to him and tried to calm him, and tried to remain calm myself.  He got worse, and started crying. I saw his chest suck in as he did his best to inhale and I knew he was in rough shape… I had to get him to calm down.  As he cried and coughed, phlegm  got stuck somewhere and so when he did breathe in it was choking him.  Oh, he was so scared.  By this time I had moved to the bathroom thinking that he needed a steamy bathroom but we were way past that.  I sat on the edge of the tub and told Matt to get dressed.  Being at a hotel with a massive pool I assumed they had some oxygen on the premises and was about to send Matt running to get someone.  Panic was just beneath the surface at this point as Parker’s lips were blue.  The brothers were trying to calm him down, crowding me and, while I appreciated that they were scared, I really needed space.  I whispered in his ear that he’d be much better once he stopped crying.  As I talked to him, he settled slowly and after what seemed like 45 minutes, he was calm.  The entire episode from start to finish was probably three minutes.  I’m not a good gauge of time while under that kind of pressure but what I did notice was that the color returned to his lips very quickly after he calmed down, even while I was still sitting on the edge of the bathtub.  Praise the LORD.

I knew it was likely croup, something each of my children have had a time or two.  I also knew that we were entering the time of day that the illness can hide itself, only to return during the night.  I was determined to see a doctor, so I called TriCare and they found an Urgent Care, one mile away, that was open on Sunday.  Only two hours after I called TriCare, Parker had seen a doctor, we had picked up his prescriptions, and he had taken his first dose medicine.  We left Great Wolf Lodge for the mountains of NC and my sister-in-law, who was there already, had a pediatric nebulizer and albuteral so I gave him a dose that night and one the next morning, per the doctor’s suggestion.  That night he had no trouble sleeping and hasn’t coughed since.

A terrifying experience, one no mom wants to endure, or watch her baby endure.


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5 Responses to Parker turns blue.

  1. I’m so glad he’s okay, and thank God you knew what to do! I would have been flummoxed by those sort of symptoms.

  2. Tracy Byrd says:

    I have been there and no it is not something you want another mom to endure. I am glad that he is ok and that you made it through like a champ. Now you can loose it since your baby is good. Praise God that He gives moms what we need to get through the crisis that is taking place with our children.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Tracy. I think because I had to keep it together for so long after the episode (since we had to get to breakfast during our allotted time, get the bigs to their class and Matt to the conference) I was able to bypass the breakdown that typically follows. And seeing the doctor so soon afterwards was a huge relief. He’s done so well and he hasn’t coughed since. God’s peace, for sure.

  3. Thank God for His grace in those moments – you did a fine job of staying calm Mom:]

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