Back home…

This six month career course Matt is in has given us a blessing it doesn’t afford everyone one who attends… being “back home” in the South.

My family is from Charlotte, NC and Matt’s is from Belmont.  We are right at two hours from both of our families and we are taking advantage of being close enough to visit.  I can’t believe we’ve already been here a month and that we have to start thinking of moving-preparations already.

In the meantime, I am loving seeing my nephew and niece… both of those babies look just like their mama! If I offend their daddy by saying that, too bad.  I’m allowed to do that because a) I’m older and b) my boys look like Matt so I’m in the same boat Josh is in!

The first weekend in February we celebrated Carson’s upcoming birthday with family in Charlotte.  First we went to the place with the big mouse (have  NOT missed that place) and then to the circus.  Between the two we stopped at a gas station, pumped a full tank of gas without having to go inside (HUGE DEAL after living in Europe for 3 years, requiring us to enter the store every—single—time).  After we got gas, we drove around to the back of the building and drove through the car wash.  (Also a big deal as all the “drive through” car washes required us all to get out of the car and stand outside the car wash during the process.)  This was a serious luxury, especially considering Parker was asleep.  It’s the little things.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend.  Man, I’m rusty on the camera!  Been a little too preoccupied with settling and organizing to get the camera out often.

This was not the best picture of Carson, regarding photography, but it really captured his excitement over this gift.  He had saved up a little money over the month of January only to come up short when it was time to buy it.  Thankfully, a little bird named Hayden told Nana just what Carson wanted for his birthday.

_JEN7070 Grammy gave Carson the hat he was wearing and I loved her sweet smile in this picture._JEN7054 My brother and his gorgeous son._JEN6937 Look at that face!!!_JEN6932 Parks rocking out on the guitar._JEN6938 He found a never-ending supply of balls at the skee-ball game and threw over and over, each time another ball came out.  He was super happy about this!  No tokens necessary._JEN7008 Madison.  Sweet baby girl!_JEN7024My Grandaddy and his great-granddaughter. _JEN6969 Nana with Madison._JEN7081 I forgot to mention earlier, but we didn’t eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  We let Carson pick the sit-down restaurant of his choice and he picked Red Robin.  We celebrated with a cake, but I forgot the candles.  Story of my life…Image 3 And then we went to the circus.  Parker’s favorite part were the elephants, the rest of us LOVED the motorcycles in the cage.  The fit eight of them in there this year!
Notice the balls hanging from the ceiling… gymnasts are in there doing some strange acrobatics.
Image 1 Horrible picture, but it shows Mason totally out!  Poor kid!Image

 I love my family!!

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2 Responses to Back home…

  1. Miss them (your kids, though I do also miss drive-through carwashes and pay-at-the-pump gas stations)! Connor and Lia made birthday cards for Carson, which I hope to get in the mail this week. They won’t arrive in time — you can tell him it’s my fault. And good choice Parker on the skeeball! That’s my game! 😉

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