“Warming up” to Texas.

Yes, that was a cheesy title.  I don’t care.  When I think of Texas I think first of heat.  I can admit that even though I’m at peace with our orders, I still make snide comments about the heat… which tells me I need to do some more work at being content.

All that aside, I have had time to adjust to the idea, friends have reached out to me to welcome me there… friends who are already there!  Friends who love Texas have done their best to tell me that it’s a great place and that I’ll love it.  Friends who are indifferent remind me that there is air conditioning everywhere.  And pools.  Plenty of pools.

I’m not at the point where I’m necessarily thrilled about going to Texas but I am fully convinced that we are going there completely centered in God’s will.  Only He can change our orders and I’m convinced He did so for a reason.  All the encouragement, messages, thoughts, ideas, tips, and offers for help getting familiar with Fort Hood from a distance have gone a long way to getting me to where I am.  My mom said something that really hit my heart and made me actually grateful.  She said, “What if God isn’t sending you “to” Texas, necessarily, but keeping you “from” some bad situation that might occur in Colorado… for example, a bad influence on Hayden during these upcoming years that can be turbulent for adolescents…”  Immediately I quit my whining about Texas and became thankful.  If I had to, I’d move to the Sahara desert to protect my kid from a situation that would be harmful to him… Texas isn’t as hot as the Sahara desert.  (Remind me of that when I get to Texas and start complaining.)

Of course, that is only one possible reason for the change in orders, but I’ll accept the change much more graciously while looking at it from this perspective.  Thanks, mom…

I am still totally amazed that PWOC’s Kick-Off theme was centered around “getting orders to a place you do not want to go.”  Did anyone else hear that message or was I the only one?  I even leaned over to my friend, Leslie, and said, “I feel as if God is preparing me for bad orders.”

I am an Army Wife and the idea of moving in a few months is exciting, seeing a new place is thrilling, meeting new people is right up my alley.  I look forward to being in a house long enough to paint a room or two, something we won’t do here in Columbia.  I look forward to adding another wooden piece to the wall decoration we have that marks the places we’ve lived.  I look forward to discovering some of the reasons He’s sending us to Texas. We are prepared for a deployment and I really look forward to hitting a few new financial goals.

Until then, I’m going to continue living in the here-and-now, visiting family, building back my endurance in running (I’ll share more in another post…), teaching my boys (school is going SO GREAT), and working on my 2013 New Year’s Resolution.  Oh, and I have about five blog posts started and waiting on me to finish them, but I have scheduled my life in such way that I spend little time at the computer.  I refuse to say “I’m too busy” because I’m not.  I’m just choosing to spend my days, my time, in other ways right now.  I miss writing daily, but I know I’m doing the best thing for our family right now.  I’ll share more about that in one of those posts I know will be coming… sooner or later.

One of the luxuries of living stateside is Sam’s Club.  I joined in hopes that we will save money on gas and a few things we know we will use if we buy in bulk.  Not sure it’ll be worth it, but I’m willing to give it a try.  Joining only cost me $25 and I’m aware of all the pitfalls that bulk-discount-shopping can have.  With all of that said, here are a few pictures from our first visit to Sam’s, which included a few pieces of pizza for the boys and a bag of carrots for me!  (So you don’t feel pity for me for eating carrots while the kids ate pizza, I went through the Chick-fil-a drive through and got a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat and ate it with no sauce, just like it comes.  Worth every one of the 480 calories and much better than pizza!)

20130208-081358.jpg 20130208-081345.jpg

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