We tackled the beast…

No third party can get things done as quickly as an Army family itching to have their home in order.

I worked feverishly this morning organizing spices and medicine cabinets while Matt met up with a very close friend from his growing-up years.  They had lunch and caught up while I finished some tasks that required one-person only.

When he returned I headed out for a run while he worked on the stereo stuff… again, one-person only.

When I returned and showered we got started on the piece of furniture that holds most of the remaining items scattered around.  We had to put that together before we could really place furniture.  We have to get all the furniture placed before we can put pictures up on the walls.  So, we were really not willing to wait on a third-party to come assemble the beast.

Here are some handy photos of our progress, mainly taken by Hayden.  I do not apologize for the no-make-up shot.  I had no one to impress but I wanted to be sure to document that Matt and I assembled this entire piece and our marriage remained intact.

20130110-223325.jpg 20130110-224551.jpg 20130110-223419.jpg 20130110-223335.jpg 20130110-224618.jpg 20130110-223403.jpg 20130110-223411.jpg 20130110-223427.jpgOur comedic child, Carson, had the nerve to glance over when we were about at this stage and say, “WOW!  That was fast!”  I guess it was fast to him… as he had spent the past several hours playing outside and then watching a movie, with only a pause to eat dinner in between!

I’ll be posting pictures of the place once we get it done.  This piece of furniture will undoubtedly make the next few days much easier!  I have a place to put SO MUCH STUFF now!

*Note:  The tan stickers all over the cabinets marked the pieces so that we would know where everything was supposed to go when it was time to assemble it.  I also had a diagram for the movers so that when it was time to put it back, they could see what the finished product was supposed to look like.  While in Wiesbaden I had placed a ziplock bag inside each compartment and labeled it “Hardware-white cabinet-A”  or “B” or “C” or “D.” And finally, I had taken photos of the insides of the cabinets so we could see what was inside each cabinet later… and to help us place the shelves in the right spots.  SUPER organized, I know, but Matt was impressed with my detailed preparations and was thankful as it ended up making the process much easier than expected.

Now, can we possibly convince our moving company to pay us what they were going to pay the third party assemblers?!?

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