The night before…

“Before what?” you might ask.

The night before we get all our stuff!

While the simplicity of having only a handful of belongings to care for and keep organized is nice for a while, there is much to be said for having a house full of items that are useful and appreciated.

The things I’ve missed:

  • my Dyson;
  • my living room furniture;
  • the bathroom/shower organizer that holds shampoo and conditioner, soap and razor;
  • my own bed;
  • my own linens, for that matter;
  • my BigMac;
  • the many odds and ends that I refuse to re-purchase because I know they’re on the way (think “junk-drawer contents”);
  • my washing machine and dryer!!!  And these have been in storage for over three years… I’m very excited to see these!

Today we drove to Fort Mill, which happens to be half-way to my parents’ house, and donated two of our children to them for the next 48 hours.  This will make the unloading/unpacking/sorting/organizing/and cleaning much easier than if I had all four here.  Parker, particularly, needed to find an alternate location for tomorrow.  Bailey, had he not broken his collar-bone, could have actually been quite helpful… as it is, he’s “helping” Nana with Parker.

Matt and I also got fitted for new running shoes… I’m still a “neutral.”  Just wait until you see my new kicks!

Before heading home we spent at least an hour in Barnes and Noble just soaking up all the choices.  The book I wanted was found, selected, and ready to go in mere seconds.  The men in my company, however, shopped and shopped, and looked and looked.  I literally waited on them the entire time.  We spent over $100 by the time the shopping was over. We need to get back to the library!!  (In my defense, with this particular book I want to be able to highlight, underline, and mark all over the pages.  I’ll share that one with you when I’m ready to share the other one I haven’t shared with you… I have two that are just KILLING me at how awesome they are and they work together…)

After we donated some kids we drove back home to prepare for tomorrow.  We moved the Army’s fridge to the garage in hopes that my real fridge (which has been in storage) will fit in the kitchen.  It has the water hook-up to allow ice and water to come from the door, and is quite a bit larger than the loaner one.  We definitely need two fridges and a freezer… OH I FORGOT!  I have a deep freezer coming tomorrow as well!  It’s like Christmas in January!

I have all the post-it notes placed all over the house and garage telling the movers where each piece goes.  I’m getting so excited I can hardly stand it!


In fact, I’m going to go to sleep soon so that tomorrow can get here more quickly!


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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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2 Responses to The night before…

  1. Pam M. says:

    So glad that you are going to have an exciting day tomorrow! I wanted to tell you again what a blessing you are to me and how much I love you. I think you are an inspiration and I am grateful that you share your life online so that I can still share in your friendship! 🙂

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