Homemade meals

We’ve been in our house for three nights now and I’m pleased to say that we are finding ourselves quite comfortable here.

When Matt and I came down to sign for the house we stopped at the grocery store and bought a few necessities.


One thing we both agree is a necessity is a lamp.  We really hate using only overhead lighting so one of the first purchases we made was a tabletop lamp and we absolutely love the hominess it provides.


Having spent Christmas with family the boys were loaded down with toys and goodies to bring with them to our empty house, but Parker really got the best deal of all.  My brother and sister-in-love were ready to part with a good bit of their toys to make room for all of Mason’s new ones, so instead of donating them to the nearby thrift store they let us bring them home.  This allowed Parker to have a fully-stocked room full of toddler toys and he’s so excited about every single new thing he finds.

We’ve used bags and boxes to sort into four main categories… from left to right:  small toys, cars, stuffed animals, and big toys.

20130104-141824.jpgOther larger toys, like those you see lining the room, get to stay out but they are lined up nicely before we leave the house or go to bed.

In other news, our first meal in this house was spaghetti.  Carson picked the meal and that was fine, as it is the easiest one to make and everyone loves it.  I hit Wal-Mart to stock the pantry and fridge, with a goal of staying under $300.  I came in at $298!

As I cooked dinner I was reminded yet again about how much I love my life and the people I meet.  Some friends of ours from Iraq/Germany moved here a year ago and are loaning us some things to make life much easier.  One item in particular made this meal easier… ACS loaned me a ton of kitchen things but no baking sheet.  Jen is loaning me a baking sheet and we were able to have garlic bread with our spaghetti!

Notice, too, the homemade cookies Jennifer made for us.  They’re in the container to the right of the stove… they lasted less than 24 hours.

_JEN6895I think it’s funny that I had to boil noodles in two small pots because I was using the only large pot the set came with for the sauce!  Had to make do with what I had!  (The next day I cooked 7.5 lbs of ground beef in the crock pot… had to do two batches since they only have small crock pots!)  I’ll be excited to see my stuff as soon as it arrives.

_JEN6900 _JEN6904We were told to expect our HHGs on the 17th but it looks like they’ll be here on Monday! Actually, one load is being delivered Sunday, and the bulk of it on Monday.  So excited to be able to make this house a home… even if only for six months.


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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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2 Responses to Homemade meals

  1. Dena says:

    Why six months? What schooling? Where to afterwards? We will probably move again next year. It would be great to meet up at a base again!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Matt has the career course here at Fort Jackson and it’s only six months. The boards meet soon to determine our next duty station. We should know in a couple of weeks where we’re going next! I’m hoping we can be stationed together again, too! Can’t wait to meet all the babies you’ve had since we last saw each other!

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