Day 1.

Today was what I call “Day 1.”

It was our first full day at home and, more importantly, the first day we’ve had internet access in our home!  We arrived in Columbia to sign for our house on the 28th of December, and brought the family here on January 1st to spend the first night as a whole family here, but yesterday, our first full day in Columbia, we spent six hours in the hospital having Bailey’s collar bone checked out.  Yesterday just didn’t count!

Today, however, does.  Matt had an early meeting and then I had three scheduled appointments here at the house:  one to change a lightbulb that was impossible for me to reach (I LOVE LIVING IN MILITARY HOUSING!! and that’s not sarcasm… I really do love it); another to have our house sprayed for bugs as a preventative measure; and finally, and best of all, the cable/internet/phone guy hooked us up.

While we waited for our in-home appointments I had the boys work on math for thirty minutes, just to get back into the habit of doing some type of school.  The only complaint came from Hayden… I had said to work for thirty minutes… he wanted to stop after the first lesson was complete.  That was a no-go…


After Matt’s appointment he stopped by and picked up two boys who were beginning to get the first taste of cabin fever in this house and they ran a few errands.  When they returned they made this mama very happy with the goodies they brought me!

One of the goodies was a piece we had purchased and then returned, because it didn’t fit exactly where I originally wanted it.  After we returned it we both regretted it because it was a pretty piece and would be very functional, even if we put it somewhere other than where I originally wanted it!


This piece turned out to be perfect for holding our super-extra-large TV that we had decided to purchase even before we moved from Germany.

Last night we went shopping at Target and I found the decorations I wanted for the bathroom.  I think I still need more color in there, but I’m waiting until our HHGs arrive.   We also shopped at Lowes and I found the cabinet of my dreams for a good price.  The only problem was that the Lowes we were at only had the floor display and it wasn’t for sale. Matt told me he’d head out tomorrow (which is today) to track one down for me.20130103-191256.jpg 20130103-191315.jpgAfter he returned from running errands he went for a run, and then I went for one, as well. We each got six miles in, our first run of our time at Fort Jackson.

When I returned I put homemade chili on the stove, using meat I had cooked in the crock pot (in two batches… it’s a small “loaner” crock pot).  Love feeding my family meals I’ve made in my own kitchen!  For dessert, popcorn… our first batch in this house!

So there you have it… Day 1!

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