From 2012 to 2013

The last day of 2012 was a really great one!

I accomplished a personal goal that I knew I wanted to achieve, but had never expected to do so in 2012.  I ran 10 miles and did so outside with a good pace, with a rising elevation almost the entire way, and in spite of having to run a few of the miles in the ditch to avoid being hit by cars.  That’ll strengthen the legs, for sure!  Sort of like running on the sand, but not quite…

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After my run I showered quickly and when I got out of the bathroom Anna and David, and their kids were here for our full-family reunion.  (Matt and I had spent the night with Anna and David over the weekend so we had had our own reunion… the kids were itching to see each other.)

We spent hours by the fires (one inside and one outside) while the kids shot guns and rode four-wheelers.  Anna and I took off on four-wheelers at one point and by the time we finished riding the property two more ATVs loaded with people were trailing us. Absolutely perfect day riding through the woods and shooting coke cans.


(Anna, don’t kill me for this picture!  You weren’t smiling but I still loved it!)


As it started to get dark we lit the fire my dad had prepared and heated our (precooked) hotdogs over it.  Of course no campfire is complete without S’mores so we ate our share of those.  I got a FaceTime call from Germany at 6:00 pm.  Aimee had called to let me hear/see the fireworks that were shooting over the Rhein River.  We had watched them from her balcony last year, four families altogether, and watched 2012 come in.  It was a great New Years Eve celebration.

At one point I looked over at Parker and saw that he was completely asleep.  He stayed that way for about an hour…


Before the Ramsey Clan had to leave I wanted the traditional “all the kids together” picture.  It wasn’t hard to round them up as they were already sitting on the golf cart… we just started taking pictures and got what we needed without having to wrangle anyone!


Parker literally cried as the Ramseys pulled away for the night.  He hated to see his friends go… I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that Maria and Olivia had loved on him, carried him around, and held him safely through several golf-cart rides all over the property.  He was smitten!

Once we moved our party inside we started a load of clothes because we knew we were about to be without a washing machine for a week.  Last night was our last night at my parents’ house.  It has been so much fun being here and we have felt nothing but welcome.  The boys have finally been able to be free, run wild, get dirty (and hurt), ride four-wheelers, shoot guns, hunt squirrels, and just be boys.  Nana and Papa’s place is the perfect place for these boys… until it’s time to come inside.  Their house is full of breakables and is generally spotless.  We aren’t known for keeping a spotless house and for some reason, my kids can’t remember to shut the door when they come in.  I’ll blame it on the fact that at our last two houses the doors shut automatically!  Especially in Germany with the super-heavy-duty hydraulic hinge thingy.

It’ll be nice to have my boys in a place I have to worry less about what they’re breaking or getting dirty, but we’ll miss the constant warmth that being around grandparents offers. Not to mention the constant fire my dad keeps going in the living room.  I’ve gotten spoiled by the fireplace!

Home is just a few hours away!  But I got off topic for a moment.  Back to last night… as the first load of campfire-scented clothes got washed, we all settled in for a night of Duck Dynasty, a show we are absolutely in love with!  We laugh so hard at the antics of those brothers, rewinding it a few times when something particularly funny happens.  Last night the funniest part was when Jase and Si were hunting turkeys and Jase was making the “romantic” calls… his facial expressions were killing me!  We laughed so hard the kids were complaining that they couldn’t hear the T.V.!

After the last episode of the night we turned the channel to watch the ball drop, counted down, doled out kisses, and covered up our three sleeping boys.  We carried one of them to our room (Parker) and Carson, the only one still awake (or natural night owl) found a comfy spot to sleep away was was left of the “night.”

I’m awake now, excited to spend a few hours with my brother on his birthday!  It’s been years since I last did that!  We’re going to eat lunch together before we head ‘home.’

No clue when we’ll have internet… so, until then, Happy New Year!!

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