Christmas Knights

We had so much fun at Medieval Times that I can barely describe it. I’m sure this post will be severely lacking in its attempt to express just how much fun it was. All four of the boys were completely entertained from start to finish but more than that, they were drawn into the battles and the drama, they loved the food, and none of them could take their eyes off the action. Upon arrival we were given the yellow and red hats and told that those were the colors of our Knight. As a treat for Matt’s military service they gave us a discount and also upgraded us to the Royal package, putting us front and center, and giving us a flag to wave during the show. All four boys had a blast, but Carson and Parker specifically loved it. 62

Parker commandeered my flag and waved both of ours for the majority of the evening. During one particurarly hair-raising sword fight, I happened to be videoing his reaction. He goes from scared, initially, to helping the knights by waving. He tells the “blue one” that he’s mean a couple of times. SO FUNNY! I have not been able to get Vimeo to transcode that video but when I do I’ll add it here.

The white horse was absolutely gorgeous. I have a feeling we’ll be going back to this show again.

Starred Photos15 Afterward we were able to meet our knight as well as the bad guy. Parker wasn’t too sure about being this close to either of them.Starred Photos13While we waited for the knights to come out after the show, we were able to let the kids dance at the “knight club.” As soon as we exited the arena, Parker bolted for the dance floor and danced his little heart out!

The knight show was a highlight of our week, but there were others as well. Making gingerbread houses with Grammy was certainly one. The boys enjoyed snacking on theirs for a day or two until eventually we had to call them a total loss… only so much icing can be consumed from a dried-out gingerbread house.Starred Photos16 Our last evening there we celebrated our Christmas as a family. In our earlier years of dating Sybil would cook a big breakfast before we opened our presents. Instead of doing breakfast in the morning, we had this feast for dinner just before the celebrations.Starred Photos17 I wish I had a video of Parker opening these gifts. He was kicking and screaming with excitement. It was priceless! All the gifts were so thoughtful and the evening was such a joy. Starred Photos18After the festivities I took my boys to our bedroom to watch The Santa Clause while Sybil and her boys stayed in the living room to watch Christmas Vacation. I think those two hours were a highlight for her, spending time with just her sons. It made me think forward several years, wondering if I’m going to be able to pull all four of my sons and their wives and children together for a vacation somewhere. And I wondered what movie we would choose to sit around and watch together… my final conclusion was “Elf.” I can see it now…

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  1. Joleen Hyatt says:

    Loved watching Parker dance…I think he’s got rythm!

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