Christmas Beach Trip

We have had a fairly seamless transition from Germany to the US. We had several mornings we woke at 4:00 am almost ready for the day, but within a week we were all sleeping until at least 6:00.

Not having to hit the ground running, as far as work or putting together the house, has been nice. We simply took it easy and spent quality time with family.

I’ve been sharing daily about what we were doing, and so far, most of what we planned has actually happened. The very first week we intentionally did very little, allowing ourselves time to adjust to being in a different time zone, not in our own space, and spent a lot of time just being with family.

There are many more people we haven’t seen yet that we really look forward to catching up with. Fortunately we will be in the general area for six months so we should have plenty of time.

I wanted to give a recap of our time at the beach but we had so many different activities it won’t be quick at all. I think it may have to be broken into two posts…I love this picture because you can see Sybil, Matt’s mom, waving to us from our balcony.

_JEN6183 61Trying to teach Parker how to catch a football. Starred Photos12 _JEN6137 _JEN6138 _JEN6178 My littlest stud-muffin._JEN6187“Mom, I’m gonna scare that bird!”_JEN6218 “Raaawwwwwrrrrrr!!!”_JEN6228“Oh wait! The water’s gettin’ me!!”
_JEN6237“AHHHHHHH!!!!”_JEN6257 Sweet Aunt Erin with my sweet Parky._JEN6280 Brothers._JEN6253 _JEN6284
Yep, as I expected, I have too many pictures to put into one post! Check back tomorrow to see pictures of us with some real-live (actor) knights.

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3 Responses to Christmas Beach Trip

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  2. Pam M. says:

    Love the photos! Parker is just growing up so fast! Especially love the last shot of the ocean. 🙂

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