Italy 20: – Staying home in Venice

With all the drama we went through yesterday to get to and from our tour of the Doges Palace, we were all more than happy to spend the entire day in our apartment.  I was really glad I had selected a beautiful, cozy apartment with a view of a canal.

I got up and sat my chair by the window and watched the neighborhood children line up for school.  I actually got to see this “real life” event a few times while we were there.

IMG_3660 The boys watched a few movies while we were cooped up in the room.  (Both of these images were taken from the exact same spot.  I could see the canal and I could see my peeps!)IMG_3645 We also enjoyed watching the trash-boat come every day.  The arm of the trash boat would reach over, grab the yellow-topped trash can by a metal bar, lower it onto a specific place on the boat which would trigger the bottom of the trash can to release.  The trash dumped into the boat and then the arm would place the trash can back on the sidewalk.

A second trash-man would roll the empty trash can away and put another full one by the boat, ready for it to be lifted and dumped.  They did this every day._JEN4759 I had one of those hand-to-forehead moments when I looked around the apartment for a washer only to find that this one never claimed to have such an appliance.  Back to bath-tub washing for me.

The washing wasn’t the hardest part… it was the drying.  The weather was so humid, raining as it was, that our clothes simply wouldn’t dry.  I needed our clothes to dry because we only had so many with us and we had plans to see the city the next day.IMG_3646I was so desperate that I stooped to using a hair dryer to dry our socks and undies.  I even dried a couple of our shirts this way.  Whatever it takes…IMG_3648 Parker had a great time playing with the clips for hanging clothes on the clothes line… the clothes line that was useless since it was raining…Venice staying home3I think the night it rained so heavily Matt brought in pizza and dessert, letting the rest of us stay home, warm and dry.  Another night we ate at a restaurant just across the street that came highly recommended by our apartment landlady.  The food was good but I still like my own homemade pesto better!  Parker and I shared the pesto dish.
Venice staying home1 The night Matt brought pizza and dessert home, this was the dessert portion!Venice staying home

My favorite thing to do was sit by this window and watch life happen.  Those moments were made sweeter by the coffee and creamer I had brought from home and toted around with me.  Yes, I had purchased my favorite creamer before the trip and kept it on ice/in refrigerators so that even in Venice I still had my favorite coffee with my favorite creamer!Venice staying home2

What I think we’re doing today:

SHOPPING!  Matt and I (with our four tagalongs) are going shopping for clothes today. We have been checking out what each store has but wanted to wait until the after-Christmas sales to make many purchases.  Can’t wait to actually buy some clothes in my newer size!

This afternoon we’re having Brooke, one of my cousins, come over to play, and then spend the night with the boys.  We had no idea how well they’d hit it off, but it turns out they all really enjoy playing together.  She shoots guns, rides four-wheelers, and runs through the woods with the boys as if she’s not a bit prissy, but then she can come inside and coo at a baby or write in a secret diary like any sweet little girl you’d imagine!  Should be a fun night of pizza, popcorn, movies, and lots of silliness.

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