Italy 18: – Venice – Our apartment

When I was planning our trip I had something specific in mind for each of our locations. For the first four nights I wanted a central location for us to visit Cinque Terre, Florence, Pisa, and Lucca.  For Rome I wanted something with plenty of space for us to stretch out, near the Vatican area, with a washing machine and full kitchen, but decor was not very important.  For Pompeii I was looking for something easy and safe, and the recommendation of friends made our B&B an easy choice.  For Assisi I wanted cheap, as we literally just needed a safe place to sleep.  But for Venice, I was very selective.  I wanted something with a beautiful interior, a luxurious and homey.  I was less concerned about which area of Venice we stayed in and more concerned with how we felt while we were in our apartment.  My dream for Venice was to see a few specific things but to use those days as our “vacation” at the end of vacation.  I had hoped to just spend a few days resting after a crazy-busy eleven days of sight-seeing.

Our Venice apartment apartment was 99% perfect… the only problem we had with it was that I had somehow missed the “does it have a washer” question.  (The short story is that I had researched for a few weeks, found one, and then the property manager cancelled our reservations.  I went on the hunt again, afraid it was too late to find a beautiful apartment available in Venice.  In my rush I forgot that one, very important question.)

Today’s blog post shares pictures of and from our apartment.

This was the view out of the downstairs bedroom window._JEN4670 View from the downstairs bedroom during Acqua Alta.  (I’ll tell you about that in a few days.  It was pretty exciting, let me tell you!)_JEN4682 _JEN4681 I took a step away from the window and took a picture through the window._JEN4679 I think I took a dozen pictures out this window because the view just drew me to it.  I loved it.  One of the criteria for the selection of my Venice apartment was that I wanted to look out and see the water.  I wanted boats to drive by my window… and I got it!  As annoying as it was to not have a washing machine, I was content to have the water just outside._JEN4684 _JEN4683
We walked across a bridge and turned right.  After going to the corner of the yellow building you can see in the above picture, I turned around and took the following picture. The exterior of the building does not do the interior justice.  Venice sightsWhen we entered the building’s main door we had to walk up a few flights of stairs, and then we entered our door.  This was the entrance landing and as soon as we walked in and turned right, there was the first bedroom.  This was the “downstairs” bedroom I took the most pictures from.  It had a full bathroom.
_JEN4664 _JEN4666

The window was just behind me and I took a picture of the bathroom on the left and the entrance landing on the right.  If you were to walk up that small flight of stairs and look left, you’d see the entrance door.  Just past it, also on the left, was a set of stairs that went up to the main part of the house._JEN4671

Here I’m standing on the landing.  The downstairs bedroom is directly to my left, down that small flight of stairs.  You can see the top of the entrance door in the bottom left of the image, and then the stairs that lead up to the main part of the house._JEN4674

From the top of the stairs I turned around and took a picture of the stairs I had just come up._JEN4663

Venice AptHere’s the main bedroom.  The first picture was taken from the doorway and the second was taken from the other side of the room near the armoire.  You can see a built-in cabinet that hides a sink.  So convenient.
Venice Apt1The bathroom.  We used this bathroom almost continuously.  It was absolutely gorgeous!
Venice Apt2

What I think we’re doing today:

It was 2008 the last time I spent Christmas with my family.  For Matt, it was 2006.  It goes without saying that we are very excited to be spending this season with family. Tonight we will have the Hyatt Christmas festivities at my parents’ house and I can’t wait!

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