Italy 14: – Rome – eats and more

We had been told by fellow Rome-visiting homeschoolers that we must try Old Bridge Gelato while we were in Rome.  We didn’t make it there the first two days and we really regret that.  This gelato was by far the best gelato we had ever eaten in our lives.  I wish we hadn’t eaten gelato anywhere else in Rome, and because this place was so good, no gelato tasted as good after we had it from Old Bridge.

Seriously, if you are going to Rome, plan the Vatican for your first full day in the city and hit Old Bridge just after.  This shop’s gelato was cheaper than all the shops we saw and the servings are much larger.  And the taste was incomparable.  If I carry on like this anymore you’ll begin to think I’m crazy and that the gelato was my favorite part of Rome, so I’ll leave it here, but seriously… try this place.  (Be prepared for long lines during the afternoon.)

From iPhone1

Remember me telling you we were run off by the police for eating at the base of the Arch of Constantine?  This was the lunch I had packed. Large sandwich-keepers with sandwiches and snacks…
IMG_3527…placed inside a backpack that Hayden carried throughout the day.  It had a Slimfast inside for my lunch.


I think the police knew we were doing noting really wrong so they let us get finished before they came and “officially” shooed us away because they had been standing there the whole time we ate.  It wasn’t until we were almost packing up that they came and told us we were’t allowed to eat there.  (Can you see the Colosseum behind us?  In an earlier post you can see the boys looking at the Arch of Constantine while we were standing inside the Colosseum.  If you look closely through the fence, you can see people inside the arches of the Colosseum looking down at where we are.  That was where we were standing when I took the picture of the boys listening to Rick Steves talking about the Arch of Constantine.)IMG_3534

This picture was in another post, but I had to share it again.  It’s from Tre Scalini and is called Tartufo.  Must. try. this._JEN4303This was a meal we ate at a restaurant near the Capuchin Crypt, a place decorated with tons of bones.  We couldn’t take pictures inside so you’ll have to check out the link above.  I had coffee at most stops because it was vacation!  The pizzas were large and never greasy. Matt loved calzones and I tried several versions of pesto dishes.  I have found that I prefer my own homemade pesto sauce to any I tasted in Italy.

From iPhone

Matt and I both ran several times while we were in Rome.  I took the following picture at 5:30 am… this was my second time seeing the Vatican and it was beautiful in the dark. After running the perimeter of the Vatican I can now say I literally ran around an entire country.  Multiple times!

What I think we’re doing today:

Basically, I have no idea what we’re going to do for a week at the beach during the winter! In fact, I’m starting to get a little nervous about this as I prepare these posts for this week.  I know one day the bigs and Matt and Brad (Matt’s brother) are going to go play disc golf.  We will probably take them swimming in the indoor pool every day.  But beyond that… no idea.  Outlet malls will be fun one day and we’ll take games with us to entertain us while in the room.  I hope we can find some ways to keep cabin fever from setting in.

Grammy decorated the house as soon as we arrived, so it’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas!

_JEN6117 6

(Just wanted to state that on December 15th, the morning I wrote this, I made the first “publish-before-edit” mistake and clicked “Publish” instead of “Preview.”  I’ve been terrified that I’d make this mistake and after many “almosts” I finally actually did it.  How annoying!)

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