Italy 11: – Rome – Appian Way

We left the comfort and familiarity of our little piece of America behind when we left Camp Darby.  Leaving here made us really venture into Italy and embrace what we were seeing, and we started with the most important city in all of history:  ROME!

We arrived and met our rental agent who got us settled into a very large, if sparsely decorated, apartment.  Because we wanted to fit in as much of Rome as we could, we loaded up our crew and got on the bus that would take us to our first destination… the original Roman Road.

Biggest mistake we made in Rome was not giving ourselves enough time on the Appian Way.  We did a lot of research and studied this, as it was the original paved road and it was also a road that Paul likely walked in his travels.  We got there at dusk and couldn’t see very much, so we only stayed about thirty minutes.  We walked down part of it that was original pavers and so at least the boys can say they’ve walked on the oldest paved road in the world.  (The picture below is not the of the oldest part.)


The bus let us off and we turned left (facing the wall) and we walked on a very nice, apparently much newer, brick-paved road.  There were houses built along this road behind a tall stone fence and I thought the doorways were fantastic.


Turns out, however, that the old part of the road was in the opposite direction so we turned around, walked on that part, and then went straight back to the bus stop.  To Matt it may have felt like a wasted trip since we didn’t get to see any of the sights that were out there, including the aqueducts, but looking back I’m very pleased that we got this in that first day.  We simply wouldn’t have had a chance to on another day.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the apartment we stayed in, but it was great.  We had an elevator that was so small that it literally took about 10 trips to get everything up.


Some orientation… standing here you can see the elevator shaft straight ahead, the window I took a picture of our laundry from is to the left down a few steps, and our door was to the right.


There was a foyer when we walked in with a coat rack and plenty of space to store the stroller, which BARELY fit on the elevator, even folded! As we walked through the foyer there were two bedrooms on either side of the hallway, and further down, a bathroom and kitchen on the left, and a living room on the right, that also serves as a dining room and bedroom.

The apartment itself was more shabby than chic but it was functional and that’s all we cared about.  And speaking of functionality, I had reserved that apartment because it had a washing machine, but it didn’t work for the first two days we were there and we had already been on our vacation for five days and the clothes for six people times fives days equals A LOT OF DIRTY CLOTHES.  We were reduced to washing a load or two in the bathtub.  That’s always fun.  And per the European Law, there was no dryer, which I was prepared for, and so we hung our laundry outside on the lines like real-live Italians.


Here’s a picture of our laundry with Matt sticking his head out of our kitchen window.  This picture was taken from the stairwell, with the elevator right behind us.


As I shared before, we brought coffee and creamer along so we could have our own, yummy coffee at a fraction of the cost compared to buying it at a restaurant every day. My first experience making coffee in the apartment was rather interesting.  I actually had to google “making coffee on the stove” to find out what this was:


Thank goodness for Google so I could figure out how to make work that thing.  I really enjoyed it prepared this way and had fun every time I made it.  Here are the steps it took to make a single cup of coffee:

1.  The stove had a lid that folded down to give us counter space when we weren’t using the burners.


2.  Lid open and ready to be lit._JEN4310 3.  I had to light it with a lighter.  I was scared to do this the first few times.  _JEN43124.  Here are the three parts of the Moka Pot.
_JEN4314 5.  Fill the base to just below the steam-release valve._JEN4318 6.  Scoop coffee from the bag you brought from home to save money._JEN4319 7.  Fill the filter part with grounds and place on part that holds the water._JEN4321 _JEN4323 8.  Here’s what the interior of the pot looks like.  _JEN4324 9.  Screw the top piece onto the bottom piece, with the center in place._JEN4326 10. Place on med-high heat and stay close for a few minutes._JEN4328 11.  The water heats, and is forced through the coffee grounds and then up into the tube you can see in the center.  It comes out the top of that tube and produces a really dark coffee._JEN4329

Add some heated coffee creamer and enjoy!

What I think we’re doing today:

We are going to the beach today!!!  We are going to spend a week visiting with Matt’s mom, brother, and his wife.  So excited to spend time with them!

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