Italy 7: – Cinque Terre – Riomaggiore

So far I’ve shared that we parked in Monterosso and then rode the train to Vernazza. Check out the map below to get an idea of the different towns.  In my initial itinerary I had planned to find a boat to take us from Vernazza past Corniglia and Manarola to Riomaggiore.  Supposedly the easiest hiking trail is between Riomaggiroe to Manarola but, as I mentioned in the first Cinque Terre post, the trail was closed due to damage caused by heavy rains.  We kept with our original plan and went on to Riomaggiore but by train instead of by boat.

It would be very hard for me to pick my favorite of the five towns having only been in each one for a short time, but Riomaggiore ranks up there in the top two, rivaled only by Manarola, which I will share more about tomorrow.

I loved, really really loved, all the alleys in Cinque Terre.  In most cities and towns alleys are simply paths from one part of a neighborhood to another.  From the front of a row of houses to the back.  But in Cinque Terre, all the alleys have stairs and they lead to other sections of town that are built higher on the hills and cliffs.  I think they are so beautiful and if I were to have a week in Cinque Terre, I’d spend a lot of my time just walking up through these alleys.

Parker was fascinated by this cat.  Hayden tried to help him get close but he was still unsure.  Everywhere we went Parker was drawn to cats and dogs. 

Please take note of the Mediterranean Sea in this following picture.  I’ll tell you why in a minute.

The sea is still there in the following pictures, but I accidentally washed it out in my camera settings.  I’m kicking myself now!  I remember the sun had finally come out in all its glory and I was having a really hard time seeing the LCD screen.  I made sure the buildings were all clearly visible, but I didn’t think to check on the sea.  That’ll teach me to rely on the LCD. I really need to train myself to read the histogram.

The previous few pictures were all taken standing in the same place.  The next one is from the same spot as well, but I have panned 180° so that the sea would be behind me.

The next two collages were taken at the same spot as the above pictures.  There is a sea in the background… there really is!

We walked from that beautiful spot toward the water, staying high in the town.  We were caught off guard by the view we encountered.

Standing in the same spot I was in when I took the above picture I panned to all the way to my left and took a picture of a window with the sea in the background.  Notice the shoes and wash cloths.  Imagine living there with this view.

Same general area, I just moved to the right quite a bit to include the boys in the picture.

If you’re really good you can spot this apartment in the picture that is posted on the Wikipedia page.  Oh, alright.  I’ll post it here for you.  The white arrow is pointing to where I was standing when I took the picture of the window, wash cloth, and shoes.

Walking through Riomaggiore was so relaxing.  There was something beautiful around every corner and Matt let me man the camera while he took care of Parks.  Can you see the post office? 

I love how restaurants build huts and extend their seating area into the streets.I really think it’s a toss-up regarding whether this is my favorite town or the next one I’m going to write about.  It’s really hard to pick!  And it would be important to pick if I were going to be able to stay there for a week on vacation sometime.  I can put that on my “next time I live in Europe” bucket list, right?

What I think we’re doing today:

Sitting here writing about this particular day (which I’m doing in November) I find it hard to imagine myself back in the states.  Yesterday I mentioned that Parker’s first time flying was in October 2010.  That was also the last time I was in the US…  just over two years ago.

I look forward to waking up in a hotel that has a good-ole’ American breakfast.  Maybe a waffle maker?  Definitely more food than the typical European breakfast.  For lunch today, oh heavens… Chick-Fil-A!!  I am so looking forward to that meal!  For dinner, any guesses?!?

Outback!  Matt is counting the minutes to this meal… and he’s been back to the states multiple times over the past three years.  Every time he goes he makes sure to enjoy a Bloomin’ Onion.  (No need to tell me how many calories are in those things, nor how bad they are for us.  We won’t have them often, but we will have one tonight!)

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