Italy 6: – Cinque Terre – Vernazza

After a quick train ride from Monterosso to Vernazza we walked around for a few minutes and then decided lunch was going to be the first activity on our agenda.

I had read awesome reviews about Il Pirata, with extremely warm comments about the brothers who own it.  I couldn’t resist when I read about “a deliciously sweet dessert wine called Sciacchetrà (pronounced shah|keh|TRAH).”  I don’t like wine unless it’s sweet and anytime the words “dessert” and “wine” appear side-by-side I’m in.  When I ordered this with my meal the owner said, “Oh, no… too sweet.  You must have that for dessert!” so I had water with my meal and enjoyed every bit of my food.

I believe that this was one of the best meals we ate while in Italy, which is saying a lot since we ate 51 meals while we were there.

In honor of several of our friends who love all things Pirate.

Our food was so good…  In the bottom right hand corner you will see the small glass of Sciacchetrà that Matt and I shared.  It was quite expensive so we only got one.  It was everything I had hoped for and more.  When it came time to search for that one bottle of wine to take back to the US as a souvenir from our trip, I about passed out when I saw the price tag.  Didn’t need it that badly!  It was about €80.

I do remember the owner asking me how I’d heard of Sciacchetrà.  Apparently it’s not super-well-known and he was impressed that I’d done my research.  (He probably thought that I was a bit of a wine conoussour except for the fact that I had asked to have it with my meal… a dead giveaway that I was no sommelier!)

If you look back at the picture I posted on yesterday’s blog comparing Cinque Terre and Cars2, you’ll notice that this is the town in the Cinque Terre picture.  You can see the yellow tower in both pictures.   (If you go to the website for Il Pirata you can see a gorgeous view of where we’re standing at the top of their home page.)  As I was taking the following picture someone offered to take one of all of us together.

We may be a little blurry, but at least we’re all together!

While we were waiting on the train I noticed how close that house is to the tracks. Imagine living there!  I also noticed that the morning clouds had gone away and the light was shining so beautifully on the bigs’ faces.  I made them each smile nicely so I could capture the light.  I love my bigs!

What I think we’re doing today:

Today we leave Germany.  We will fly (around our elbow to get to our nose) to Columbia, SC where we are going to be picked up by my parents. (YEAH!!  The sweet part of bittersweet!!  Finally, because last night was rough.  To be honest, the last two nights were rough.)  We are going to stay in a hotel in Columbia so we don’t have to drive the two hours back to their house.  I presume we’ll be pretty exhausted when we arrive at 11:00 pm East Coast time.  That will be 5:00 am (the 12th) German time so we will have been up almost 24 hours.  Not necessarily something I look forward to but there will be some serious relaxing over the next week so I am sure we will be just fine.

The last time Parker flew was in October of 2010 when he was seven months old.  I’m interested to see how he does.  I’ll be sure to let you know!

One of my tricks for keeping everyone together is to have all four boys in the same color shirt.  Today they’re all wearing blue.  I had hoped to have them all wear their Messi jerseys but Hayden’s accidentally got sent with the original movers.

In the image below you’ll see that each child has a blue shirt sitting on top of a zip lock bag. I put their four shirts in a single ziplock bag and wrote “For the flight” on the front.  Those stayed clean and separated from the rest of the laundry during the time we were in the hotels.  Before we left Wiesbaden’s hotel I put a pair of clean underwear and socks in a ziplock bag for each boy.  (And also a onesie and a snugglie in Parker’s.)  When we were getting things ready last night before we went to bed, I put their clothes for the morning out on the coffee table, with their coats on the couch.  My boys are weird and sleep in the jeans they are going wear the next day.  I don’t make them do this… they all just choose to do so.

photo (1)They will also be wearing their RoadID‘s… check their website out.  Pretty neat stuff.


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3 Responses to Italy 6: – Cinque Terre – Vernazza

  1. Love seeing your family, you know how I feel about those little boys. Will always love your family. I pray each of them will grow to be mighty men of God just as their mama and daddy. I often use the two of you as examples of what youth ministers were designed, called, created, whatever ? (Haha). My heard grieves for youth of today and how churches are not providing strong examples. Truth, I pray our boys, yours and my one, will grow to be the leaders in their youth group, whether they have the title or the “appointed” position or not. Have fun as you travel the country. Keep in touch. God bless you this Christmas. Send my your new address.

  2. Hi, you forgot to visit Prevo (between Corniglia and Vernazza):

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