Italy 3: – Pisa, with a side of Messi

Back to Italy…

After yesterday’s 12 hour day in the car I knew we’d want to do as little driving on this day as possible.  I put Pisa on our itinerary as it was only thirty minutes from Camp Darby.

Each of the boys had earned spending money and all Hayden could talk about was hoping he would be able to find a Messi jersey.  The expression on his face was priceless when he turned the corner into the walk-of-souvineer-shops and saw that there were hundreds of jerseys to choose from.  His face was so expressive that he threw any chance we had at bargaining out the window.

We didn’t even care.  We were just so happy he had found the jersey he had been dreaming of that we were willing to pay asking price.  I do believe Matt got a small discount since we bought so many, but the salesman had clearly seen Hayden and knew we weren’t leaving that store without a jersey, so he had little reason to come down! Memories.  By the end of our vacation, Parker had learned the word, “jersey,” and was helping us spot out the stores that sold them.  We spent a good deal of our time looking at these particular souvenir items…  I was beyond fascinated, which I’m sure you can detect from my tone.

Can’t go to Pisa without taking these pictures!I was struck by just how much this tower is leaning.  I’ve seen pictures of this my whole life but until I saw it in person, I just didn’t grasp the angle at which it stands.  I also hadn’t ever looked at the tower for its beauty.  It really is an intricate tower that reminds me of a beautiful wedding cake.

We were really glad we got to see this.  We chose ahead of time not to go in it… something about having to hold the hands of anyone under a certain age, and Parker wasn’t allowed… details are fuzzy.  It didn’t sound like it’d be worth it and we don’t regret that decision at all.

What I think we’re doing today:

We were so exhausted yesterday after the events of the past week or so that once we got Matt’s clearing stuff taken care of we went back to the hotel and took a nap.  I was only going to “allow” us to sleep for an hour, but that effortlessly became two.  We ate dinner very late and started a movie around 9:00.  With pausing it to get situated, find drinks, and for me to make a few laundry runs, it ended after midnight.  Even still, it was a great day.

Our town is covered in a gorgeous layer of snow and I’m convinced that snow is one of God’s greatest creations.  I absolutely love it, though I wish it didn’t have a tendency to cancel plans, which is what happened last night.  We didn’t get Vapiano or to have a meal with friends as we had intended.

As for today we were originally going to one of our favorite cities, Rothenburg, to visit with Hollie and her daughter and enjoy that Christmas Markt one last time.  This is where I got our 2011 Christmas Ornament last year.  For me, Rothenburg really epitomizes what Germany is.  It’s also my parents’ favorite German town.  However, seeing as how we don’t own a car we decided to check on train tickets from here to there. Turns out last-minute train ticket buying is expensive.  It was going to be 84 Euros one way!  And each trip had three transfers and would take four hours.  We had to call it off but Hollie is coming this way so we get to see the girls regardless.  We only wish Phil were in town to join us!

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