Beyond words…

…and yet I try.

I will fail miserably at this attempt to tell you about this past weekend.  Our friends have gone above and beyond to shower our family with love in preparation for our leaving. Yesterday I shared about how two families sacrificed to give us the best surprise one can get at a Christmas Market.  That was only the beginning of the amazing-ness that was to come.

Sunday morning we went to ChapelNext and enjoyed being with our community of believers.  Afterwards we headed to the Entertainment Center for lunch.  What we found when we arrived was that my two buds had worked very hard to set up a fantastic area for us to spend a few hours with some amazing people.  To start with, Christy had made an awesome sign to say good-bye… she’s so crafty.

_JEN5628But her masterpiece was the cake(s) she made.  I LOVED IT (THEM)!

_JEN5632Absolutely amazing!  She really is, and her amazingness goes beyond her mad cake making skills.

We had friends in from other towns and other chapels, neighbors, and we were thrilled to see each person.  Many weren’t able to join us, but sent love via Facebook or email.  I didn’t take many pictures as I was busy talking (imagine that).  But what I have, I’m posting.

There was a time during the afternoon when people were able to say what they wanted and the words shared touched my heart and I treasure them.  If I park here, I’ll get sentimental and I can’t do that today.  I just can’t and I’ll leave it at that.

Starred Photos22Starred Photos24The kids definitely went nuts but we sort of let them.  They weren’t hurting anything even if they were super loud.Starred Photos23As I said before, this weekend was too special to put into words.  In fact, part of me is afraid to even post this today because I know for sure it falls very short of expressing my heart.

For those who put the weekend together, I simply can’t write enough, or well enough, to properly thank them.  I want to get my heart across but it’s not possible.  At least we have Barcelona

For those who have shared their well-wishes, either at the party, at chapel, at PWOC, through FB, email, or around town in person, thank you.  I honestly don’t know how to let you know that we are so honored to be a part of your lives.


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