Mainz Christmas Market SURPRISE!

As I promised yesterday, I will fill you in on the great surprise of the weekend.  (I’d say of my life but I’m still not sure anything will be able to top Barcelona.)

Early Saturday morning my family went to the Mainz Christmas Market and met our friends, the Joneses.  We love this tradition and enjoyed several of them together last year.  As soon as we arrived and met the Aimee by the nativity, she told me that Cory had had to run to the car for a second.  When he returned Aimee told me she wanted to get our family picture because this was the last time we’d be at the Mainz Market.  (I haven’t told Aimee this yet, but I suspected something was up at this point.  But what I thought she was doing was trying to get our picture to frame for a going-away gift.  I was a little off…)

As we stood and posed as a family of six, taking up half the sidewalk, dozens of people walked by, through the picture, and we just kept smiling, hoping she’d get at least one with all of us smiling and no strangers flying by.

If we didn’t have the pictures to prove it, I’d never believe what happened next. One person came up and just stood there, and it took several seconds before it hit me… I recognized that person… and it was JESSICA!

And about that time I heard Zak, and the rest of the market faded away.  It was just our three families and the strangers, lights, and vendor booths were gone.  We were so completely surprised and amazed that 1) our friends had flown in from England and 2) that they had, yet again, totally surprised us!

Here are a few pictures taken of those moments:

1.  Just the Hamricks

2.  You can see all 4 Hills but we have not noticed them yet!

3.  We’ve noticed them, but what we’re seeing hasn’t registered yet.DSC_0994

4.  There it is…DSC_0995At this point we made a huge scene and I am sure all the Germans in the area were quite amused by the noisy, large group of Americans acting way too excited to be at a Christmas Market.  If only they knew the story…
Mainz Market Dec 1, 2012


Mainz Market Dec 1, 20121

I got to introduce everyone to weiss glühwein… it was a hit!
Collages1This surprise was also a long time in the planning and required the other two families to sacrifice a lot.  The Hills returned to England this morning before I was even out of bed… that was an early flight (and I did sleep in, I admit).  Cory had an early morning getting them to the airport.  There were so many people involved in making this happen, and to all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I’ll share all about our weekend, tomorrow.  For now, I must get some form of exercise because I’ve spent the last three days eating.  And tonight Matt and I are going on a double date with some friends we’ve never had the pleasure of dining alone with.  We waited too long, that’s for sure, but Greek food is on the menu.  Exercise now, eat later!

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9 Responses to Mainz Christmas Market SURPRISE!

  1. Amanda says:

    That progression of photos is awesome!! I love it. What a wonderful surprise for you guys.

  2. Tracy Byrd says:

    That is wonderful! That is a great surprise.

  3. Joleen Hyatt says:

    I loved the “trying to be polite faces” you were making just before you realized who that crazy lady was standing there with her arms wide open! Priceless surprise! Can I just say again what awesome friends you have?! Now, to burst your bubble, those of us on this side of the “pond” are very eagerly awaiting your return! I don’t think anybody can top those last two surprises you had, but it does’t mean we don’t love you just as much! This Nana is counting down the days and looking forward to when I can be counting down the hours.

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t even remember that moment, with Jess being there and me looking at her. You’d think I’d remember thinking, “Lady, PLEASE!! Just MOVE!” but it all happened so fast that recognition hit before I could have that thought!

      And I do know that you guys are ready and excited even if no one is flying in from England to surprise us! 🙂

      One week today!

  4. teamharman says:

    what a great idea your friend had for getting photographs to capture this moment!! They are a brilliant set of photos to remember your surprise!

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