Mainz Christmas Market

In an attempt to see as many markets as possible this Christmas season, we went to another one yesterday.  The morning started out as normal, with a 45-minute Insanity DVD while Matt ran 7 miles.  (I looked outside at the fog and it just looked miserably cold… a DVD inside sounded like more fun, relatively speaking.)

Afterwards we loaded up the Durango and stopped by the PX to buy gloves for the bigs… yep… we let the packers take those.  In Mainz we found a spot to park, surprisingly, as there were very few spaces available, and walked to meet the Joneses by the big church’s nativity.  As far as the market goes, there were two main highlights.  The meal I had, which was a new one for me, and the nutella crepe I had for dessert.  My taste buds were very happy!

If we go to a Christmas Market for a meal, I usually have a brat on bread, but yesterday I spotted these rotisseries with a delicious-looking meat cooking… it smelled heavenly.  It was called Spiessbraten and had sauteed onions on bread and it replaces the brat as my favorite fest food.20121202-072643.jpg

Even with the amazing food I ate yesterday at the Mainz Christmas Market, there was an event much more worth mentioning, but I don’t have time to write about it today.  If you are on ‘friends’ with me on Facebook and happened to see this picture, you know what I’m talking about.  If not, here’s a tease and I will tell you the whole story tomorrow:


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