I’m dreaming of a weißer glühwein.

Last night Matt and I utilized our Wiesbaden CYS and put the boys in child care so we could have a date night.  Those are always fun, and last night was no different. What was different was the glühwein.

A few weeks ago I tasted the best glühweih ever while at the Ramstein Bazaar.  The reason it was so good was because it was white, and, by nature, much sweeter than the red.  I bought a bottle of this delicious stuff and had it shipped with Matt’s extensive beer collection.

Last night as we enjoyed our last visit to the Wiesbaden Christmas Market I got in line at a glühwein stand and decided to see if the vendor the white.  I was delighted to discover that he did!  It was not on the menu, so be sure to ask at the stands if you want to try some. Later, as Matt and I strolled through the overly crowded paths we noticed that some of the other vendors did have it on their menus.  We both wished we had learned of this treat long before our last 10 days in Germany.


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