Barcelona! (Part 2)

You know that moment when you try to take a nice, serious, pretty picture with your friends but one of them says or does something funny and you bust out laughing, completely unable to compose yourself?  No?  It’s just us then.  We had that moment on the balcony of our apartment and as I was going through the following pictures I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, to the point I drew the attention of my boys.  They didn’t think it was as funny as I did, which means you probably won’t think this is as funny as I do, but it was a treasured moment on our trip so I’m sharing it anyway.

After we dropped off the excess luggage (though there wasn’t much as we had flown RyanAir and we could only bring a carry-on) we hopped on the metro to another part of town.  We got our exercise by walking up a very steep hill, with the handy assistance of a series of outdoor escalators (okay, not not a lot of exercise).  When we reached the top we were treated to some absolutely breathtaking views.

Park Guell is a must-see in Barcelona.  We arrived and took several pictures and stopped to let the littlest member of our group enjoy a meal.

Yesterday I suggested that you remember the chocolate lizard that was in the gift that Jessica special ordered to be a part in the revealing of this surprise.  After we finished enjoying the views from the top of the park we walked down and around, through and inside, other parts of the park.  We were in awe of the beautiful art we saw and then we saw the lizard!

Aimee and Christy had both been to Barcelona before and had heard of a beautiful water fountain that gives a light and water show in the evenings. Neither had actually seen its show.  We made our way to that part of town and perched ourselves in a spot that would allow us the best views possible and were not disappointed in the least.

These pictures in no way capture how beautiful the show was but we certainly did our best!

After the water and music show we walked back down this fountain-lined street to a major intersection, specifically looking for a tapas bar.  For those who have never heard of a tapas bar, it’s a restaurant that has lots of foods to choose from and you can create your own platter.   Instead of having the “steak and potatoes” or “burger and fries” you pick from about 15-20 different smaller things and make your own plate.

Oh. My. Word.  The meal we ate that night was my favorite restaurant-meal I’ve had while in Europe.  I’m still missing that food and if I were to take my family back, we’d eat there multiple times during our trip.  The only picture in the collage below that we took in that restaurant is the larger, center one on top.

We were so hungry and were trying to figure out the menu so we totally forgot to take a single picture of the food we ate that night.  The pictures of the food you see here were meals from other restaurants, and were good as well.  The pizza we had one day came with a very nifty cutting tool.  The food on the right is paella, a traditional Spanish rice and seafood dish that I actually had twice while in Barcelona.  And the nachos were from our Hard Rock Dinner.  The food we ate on this trip was simply amazing.

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