Escape Artist

During Parker’s bout with pneumonia he started having a really hard time falling asleep by himself.  I believe it was just because he felt absolutely miserable and needed some serious cuddling.  I mentioned before that he had lost his thumb-sucking habit and was refusing his snugglies and those things alone can mess with a two-year-old.  But add to it a seriously high fever and whatever other discomforts he was experiencing and let’s just say falling asleep was not his favorite.

As he healed I noticed his crying spells at nap and bed times were shortening each time, telling me that, while he had gotten spoiled during the sickness, he was weaning himself from needing one of us to help him fall asleep. Let me just say here, if you’re not a fan of the cry-it-out method, fine by me.  But I like my method and it’s worked beautifully for four children so I don’t apologize for it in the least.  (I also have among the best sleeping kids I’ve ever heard of.  It works for us.)  Anyway, as I was saying, he has been doing fabulously and when I put him down today I had no idea that things were about to go south.

First of all, today he started carrying around his snugglie again and the bigs and I were thrilled!  We felt like he was starting to relax a bit after being sick and that this was a big step for him.  When I put him in his pack-n-play, however, he cried pretty hard.  Not a “you broke my heart” cry but more of a “I don’t want to go to bed and I’m two and you can’t make me” cry.  I really didn’t think much of it and went to get ready for my shower. While standing in my bathroom with the door shut, Bailey knocked on the door… “Mom….  Parker got out of his bed all by himself.  He’s right here.”  That’s not at all what I expected to hear!

I threw on a robe and carried Parker back to his bed.  I put him in and told him that it was naptime and that he needed to stay in the bed.  We played this game twice more, and on the fourth time I had a plan.  I went inside his room, removed anything that might cause a problem (a few pencils, a basket of clean and folded laundry), placed the pack-n-play mattress on the floor, and left the room.  And then I locked the door.

Yep.  I sure did.

I left the key in the door in case of an emergency so don’t get all safety-hazard on me.  He didn’t like this development too much but within five minutes he was no longer crying. Within ten minutes he was asleep and I could only hope he had taken me up on the mattress idea… I was not about to peek in at him.

When he woke up I made sure to hurry in so I could congratulate him for falling asleep and so that I could comfort him.  After all, the last thing he remembers was crying himself to sleep!  Since he had done this, I wanted to be there quickly to love on him.  As soon as I unlocked the door and silently opened it I saw that he had fallen asleep right on the hardwood floor near the door!  I rushed to get my camera since it looked like he was still asleep.  By the time I got back he was three seconds from waking up fully and first click of my camera stirred him.  I hugged him and told him that he did a good job falling asleep but that next time he could use the mattress if he wanted.

I wonder how bedtime will go…

Oh, and since this post is all about Parker, let me tell you a few things that are just cute:

Today he colored with his brothers and I discovered his adorable way of saying “crayons.”  “Kay-rons.”  A couple other adorable pronounciations are “budders” for brothers and “Frank-in” for Franklin.  I love toddler-eese!

He’s a very independent two-year-old.  When he’s thirsty he brings me a cup and the milk from the fridge.  I fill his cup, then have him return the milk to the fridge, double-check that the fridge is closed, and then I give him his cup.  (We’re still at the sippy-cup stage. We’ll wean that when we potty train.)

He’s very close to potty training.  He asks me to change his diaper a few times a day, wet or poopy.  He hasn’t had much success in the potty yet though I do put him on it every time he takes a bath.  I’m not going to mess with it in earnest until we’re unpacked in Columbia.  Too much change for a potty-training baby to deal with.  (I did that once with Bailey… waiting was a smart move.)

These were just a few random things about Parker that I want to remember.

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