During my many downtown doctor visits while I was pregnant with Parker, the bigs accompanied me and made a good impression on the doctors.  I remember my particular doctor asked me about homeschooling and mentioned how she wished German families were allowed to homeschool as it produces such well-mannered kids. 

I was floored, and pleased that the Hamricks had left a good impression on at least one member of our host nation. 

This morning Parker had a pneumonia follow-up with the doctor at our clinic and he gave Parker the all-clear.  Said his lungs sounded good and was pleased with how he looked.

After Parker’s appointment the boys and I went downtown for two errands, and we happened to pass the doctor’s office we spent many mornings in almost three years ago.  (That’s what sparked the seemingly random memories of the bigs at my prenatal doctor visits.)

When the boys had good behavior we would often stop at a bakery on the way home for these delicious donut balls.  Because the boys were good at the two stops we had to make today, I surprised them with a stop at the bakery.  I let them get a package of the donut balls and an additional treat.  It was so fun to sit there and watch them enjoy this treat… and this time, with the baby we had gone to those doctor visits to check on!

Eating at this bakery with all four boys gave me a strange, sweetly unexpected sense of closure.  Hard to explain…

After sugaring the boys up, I wanted to go back to the clock store to get another treat (this time for myself) and took the boys’ picture outside.  Yesterday I only had Bailey with me, so today I got one with all four of them.


While inside I chatted with the same gentleman I spoke with yesterday.  He remembered me and remembered that yesterday I had come in with a friend and her kids.  “Today,” I said, “I brought all of mine.”  He nodded and commented on the fact that they were all boys, closing by saying, “Nice inventory you have here.  Very nice, handsome boys.  Really nice inventory.”

I’ve heard a lot of strange comments, gotten some seriously interesting looks, and even been laughed at for having a bunch of boys (you know that, “Glad it’s you and not me” laugh) but I’ve never before had anyone call my brood an “inventory.”  It made me smile!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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