World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

Today was a very produtive day.  I needed to get downtown for various goodies and Christy needed some things from that area, so we loaded up a van full of kids and headed to Wiesbaden’s market area.

The first stop on our trip was to the Cuckoo Clock store where we both found perfect gifts for friends and family.  The exterior of the store was built in 1946 and was awarded the title of “World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock” soon after.  Because it’s a landmark in our town, Bailey and I took our picture with it.

After that stop we hit Starbucks.   Seriously… that place smells like heaven to me!  We got a few treats for kids and adults alike before stopping by a few more stores.

On the way home Christy took me by another friend’s house to pick something up from her.  I had a half-dozen errands I needed to run and they were so much more fun running with a friend than by myself.  I arrived home so completely thrilled with my purchases from the day.  I’m not a big shopper, so it’s a big deal when I find things I like… and I especially like it when I leave home with specific things in mind and each store I enter has exactly what I want.  Perfecto!

In case anyone was wondering, it’s Tuesday and that means it’s my coffee-with-Aimee day.  She brought salads for lunch and we then had coffee while working on a secret Christmas present for a few certain someones… can’t say much on here until after Christmas.  As evening approached and it was time to start dinner, I asked the Jones-girls to join us as Mr. Jones was at Bible Study.  They obliged and we had a super fun evening, thankful to see Parker up and about, fever free all day, happily playing… we’ll, as happily as a spoiled-rotten-because-he’s-been-sick two-year-old can play when he’s forced to share his toys.  But that’s how life is.  Really, though… for the most part he played nicely.

And just as my dear friends were loading up the car, I was invited to join the just-about-to-start game of Bunco upstairs.  They needed one more player and I was available!  AND I WON!  I actually won for most wins! 

After a few tough days, it was really nice to have a great day where everything just seemed to work well.  And to top it off, Parker napped well this afternoon and fell asleep very easily at bedtime.  I heard from a few sources that PWOC covered Parker in prayer by name, and I am extremely grateful.  He’s had a bunch of people praying for him and I truly believe the prayers are working.  We go back tomorrow for a quick check to see if he’s improving.

I find it very ironic that today’s single picture is of a clock when the most frequent thought I’ve been having is how quickly time is flying by.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, like I’ve said before, while I’m excited about getting to see my amazing family and friends in the states, I’m not quite ready to admit just how short our time in Germany actually is.  One of my kids pointed out the exact number of days and I shooed the thought out of my mind.  Just want to enjoy our time here, our friends here, and the season of Thankfulness we are in.

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