Personal Development

What a boring title. Sounds like something I might be forced to do if I were still a public school teacher and the state required that I take classes to better myself or keep up with the latest educational research.

But personal development is far from boring when you get to tailor it to your own interests.

My parents did their very best to instill in me a love of learning and a willingness to better myself as a person. I have many thoughts about this and can’t wait to share with you a few of the ways they did this, but I’m saving them for later.

In the past year I have set goals in various areas of my life and have met those goals. Looking toward 2013 I have a few new goals I am setting and have already started working toward them.

As the close of this year approaches, do you have any goals you accomplished that you are super proud of? Any resolutions you started in January (or any other month, for that matter) that you accomplished? Can you look back on 2012 as the year you finally (fill in the blank)? If not, no big deal, because a new year is just around the corner and you can set a new goal, a new resolution.

Looking back at the past 11 months, I am proud of the two main goals I set and accomplished, but I realize that because of my serious dedication to those two goals, a few other areas of my life slipped to the back-burner. I love the concept that Dave Ramsey discusses… he says that life isn’t meant to always be in balance. When one is focusing on a large goal, a large chunk of that person’s time and energy is devoted to meeting their goal. And when that happens, there is less time to spend on other areas. Those other areas in my life got less time and attention, and my family survived.

However, I don’t want those areas to be on the back-burner forever, especially as I prepare my next year’s list of goals. And this is precisely why I am so excited about the book I’m currently reading, my current “personal development” guide-book.

I’ve read about half of it, and have stopped at a cruial point to take the time to jot down all the notes I find important to remember forever. The book is from the library so I can’t highlight or underline, which has been quite nice, actually. It’s making me go back and look at every page, scanning for tidbits that I want to treasure.

Stay tuned and I’ll soon share the title of this book, what my goals for next year are (if I am brave enough) and a few highlights from the book. For now, start thinking about what you want your goals for 2013 to be. If you’re willing to share them, I’d love to hear from you!


I will say that one of my goals before 2012 ends is to find that guy and photo-bomb him.

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