Sick day…

Thankfully Parker is back to 80%… the worst only lasted about 14 hours.

Unfortunately, I’ve caught some form of what he had, though I’m not “getting sick” like he did.  I just feel off, tired, a bit queasy.  I am praying that by tomorrow morning I feel better because my 10K is in the morning and I have some sweet friends running it with me.  If I feel like this tomorrow, it simply won’t be possible.  Praying that this day of rest will help me feel ready for the race.

We also have a farewell tonight and we’ve already paid for it.  I hope I feel well enough to go, and to eat what I’ve paid for!

But to keep all of this in perspective, I am thankful for many things:

  1. Parker’s bug was a virus and was short-lived.
  2. I got an even milder form of that bug.
  3. We were not sick during Italy, Spain, or our pack-out dates.
  4. Yesterday and today had mostly bare schedules so we can rest and recover.
  5. We have family, very close family, going through very difficult and painful health issues.  We are praying for recovery, healing, and smart doctors for those family members and know that our little bugs don’t even register on the same scale compared to what they are going through.

I haven’t been doing the 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook, though I’m enjoying reading others’ posts.  If I were writing those, today I would write that I am more thankful than ever for the overall health of my family and that sick days around here are few and far between.

I went searching for a picture in iPhoto that would relate to this post as I refuse to take one of myself sitting here in bed looking puny.  I am using my old laptop so there are pictures on here that I don’t regularly look at.  I flipped through them and noticed our Disney World Pictures, taken while we were on our way from Colorado to Germany.

November 16, 2009, when Parker was still cooking:

The boys building bricks that were to be used to build a giant Buzz Lightyear.

Bailey beside the Buzz that was under construction.

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