Day 2 Pack Out

This morning started with a bright-and-early wake up so I could have a few minutes of quiet before the day started.

I dropped Parker off at Miss Kayla’s house so that he could have a fun day while I had a productive one.  I returned home to find our three main packers back and hard at work.

Before they left last night they had looked at my awesomely huge school cabinet and shook their heads.  They shared their concerns, not about taking it apart or packing it up, but for the UNpackers and how difficult a job they would have upon reassembling it.

I asked the lead packer if I should label each wall, door, drawer, shelf, etc. and he nodded, reassured that I had understood his broken English.

After the packers left I literally labeled every piece of that cabinet.  I started with the cabinet I use the most, putting the letter “A” on tape, and marking it what it was.  For example, for the right hand door, I wrote:  “A – front right door.”  After I went down the line and labled all four sections, I realized I had gone right-left, instead of the traditional left-right!  I could see this causing major confusion on the other end, so I made a diagram of the cabinet (acutally, I made four diagrams, all the same) and placed one on a door of each section.  (I’m using a PC and it won’t let me rotate the image.  Sorry.  I also apologize for the not-too-fancy drawing.  I’m not an artist!)

When my packers arrived this morning and saw my handiwork they looked very relieved.  The lead packer assured me that the guys on the other end will be happy to see the diagrams and the labled pieces.

Another trick that I had read before was to have large zip-lock bags taped to each bed for the hardware.  This will make it much easier to pick the right hardware for each bed when we arrive in South Carolina.

My original plan was to have them put a sticker on each ziplock bag but the main packer had a box started for “Hardware” before I got around to telling him.  He had labeled the box very clearly and it has its own sticker so we should be able to find it easily when we get there.   Now, they just can’t lose that box!  I have my eyes on it right now, and will watch as it gets packed onto the truck.  This is a much better plan than the one our packers used in Colorado… they stuck the hardware in paper, wrapped the paper package with tape, and stuck it in whatever box happened to be nearby.  That idea was HORRIBLE especially as the hardware from one of the boys’ beds ended up in the outside toy bin that we had placed in the basement.  We searched long and hard for that hardware!

This is also the first time a man has packed my kitchen.  I do hope he is being as careful as the women have been who packed my kitchen before!  (Today a friend told me that one of her friends discovered her entire Pampered Chef cabinet was not packed.  All that special ordered, expensive stuff, left behind.  I would not be a happy camper!)

I shared yesterday that I’m a little sad… I feel sort of torn about sharing my heart and how I feel.  On one hand, if I share just how sad I am, my family and friends in the US might feel that I don’t want to come home, or that I’d rather live here than be with them.  If I share that I’m excited to move back to the US, the most GORGEOUS country of all, I run the risk of making the friends and family we’ve made here feel like I’m not sad to be leaving.

I’m fortunate that I have such amazing people surrounding me who have listened to me share those very thoughts, and they love me, anyway.  For the moment, the sadness of leaving is overshadowing the excitement of going home.  The tears that are building up behind my eyes, threatening to spill onto the sweatshirt I stole from Matt, won’t stay at bay long.  Seeing my kitchen completely bare, my kids sitting in a living room with borrowed furniture, surrounded by stark, bare walls, lit by depressing flourescent lights, breaks my heart a little.  But I believe “joy comes in the morning.”  A month from now I’ll be hanging out with my mom and dad, riding four-wheelers through the trees, holding my one-and-only niece.  (Those last two will not be done simultaneously.)  For now I’ll try not to think about the fact that I won’t be able to invite myself over to dinner at Aimee’s house or that Parker’s ‘bestest’ friends live on a different continent.  I’ll think about that another time.

What my house looks like as I write this blog post.

Update:  I just watched the lead packer secure my hardware box, put the extra-special sticker on it, and he told me it was going in crate 11.  I watched as he placed it on the truck… Hoping that when they open crate 11 I find that box right where he put it!

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8 Responses to Day 2 Pack Out

  1. Jennifer Clark says:

    I will tell you that I was super excited to move back. However, we both really miss Germany and the experiences it afforded us. We look forward to seeing if God will lead us back there! My heart is still conflicted all these months later!

  2. Angie merchant says:

    Joy does come in the morning! Hugs to you!

  3. Jess says:

    We’ll have to get together when you get settled! And talk photography!

  4. Pam M. says:

    It seems like just yesterday that you were sending photos of your “new house”! You have a lot of treasures you are taking with you, memories made, friendships made. You are one rich lady!!

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