Let the moving begin…

Today was a good day of moving-prep.  Last minute things have to be done before the movers arrive first thing tomorrow morning.  On today’s agenda was:

  1. wash all the clothes in the house;
  2. sort all the clothes in the house; (things I never do since I usually make the boys wash their own… now I see why lots of other moms fuss about doing laundry… and I wonder why those moms don’t make their kids learn this skill)
  3. set aside the clothes we want to have with us during the next 2+ months while our household goods are shipped from Germany to South Carolina;
  4. scan the entire house for things that we don’t want the movers to pack, such as 22ov appliances, towels and wash cloths to use over the next month;
  5. sort the toys in Parker’s room and put all the pieces in zip-lock bags that I don’t want lost;
  6. put the contents of each drawer in zip lock bags so that when I unpack I can easily put those bags in the appropriate drawers;
  7. each of us went for a six mile run;
  8. three meals;
  9. four kids’ naps;
  10.  clean Bailey’s room to make sure it was move-ready;
  11. remove all the books from the cheapo book shelf we purchased to get us through our time here… then watch as Matt dragged it outside all by himself… my hero!
  12. get to bed by 8:00.  New goal…

That last one is going to be interesting… I only have 17 minutes and I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

Here are two pictures to show you a bit about what my house looks like right now:

Books minus the bookshelf that was so cheap it didn’t survive.

Matt has a few guitars. They only take up half the office…

The movers come bright and early!  I’ll let you know tomorrow how the day goes!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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