Pumpkin Festival

About a month ago (shocks me that it was a month ago!!! TIME IS FLYING) we met some dear friends in Stuttgart for a Pumpkin Festival.  We enjoyed our time with our friends and I enjoyed seeing Matt reconnect with a fellow Chaplain he spent time downrange with… his Chaplain Battle Buddy.

As soon as we arrived I noticed a bride and groom having their photo session. I couldn’t help but sneak this picture.

The theme of the festival this year was “Switzerland.” Here’s a Swiss Army Knife made out of pumpkins and squash.

My guys at the Palace in Stuttgart.

Pumpkin Soup Ravioli and Pumpkin Wine for lunch.

A really large pumpkin man.


Pumpkin Puppy

Pumpkin with “Herzliche Wilkommen” written on it.  (“A heartfelt welcome,” loosely translated.)

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  1. That like it is super fun!

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