35 Part 1.

November 3, 2012

Yesterday started off with a German coffee that I’m going to have to find (and stock up on)!  Aimee made coffee for me and it was really good!  Any day that starts with coffee is bound to be a good one!

She and I headed off for Ramstein to shop.  And by shop, I mean, we were shopping with a mission!  We’ve both hit goals recently and our current clothes were not fitting well anymore.  It was time to celebrate by buying some new things!  Neither of us particularly love shopping but we both had a great time.  Shopping with a girlfriend is easier than shopping with the hubby and kids… I am sure I don’t have to go into details on that one, but knowing Matt and the kids are bored out of their minds as I try on a dozen pairs of jeans in hopes of buying ONE pair sucks any fun that might be found in shopping right out.

Aimee and I both filled our carts with clothes and we were “those girls” who monopolized two of the fitting rooms for a long time.  I felt bad about it but then remembered that it’s been years, literally years, since I last spent this much time buying clothes for myself.  I decided to just keep on trucking and in the end I got my first pair if size 8 jeans since my 10th grade year in high school!  In addition to those jeans I found six shirts that I really like and they’re all a size Medium.  Shopping this way is so much more fun!

We were silly and tried on gloves with smart technology so we could work our iPhones while wearing gloves.  We didn’t buy them, but really wanted to!

We ate lunch at the food court instead of at Chili’s because we had another destination in mind.  We went to the Ramstein bazaar which was at a different area.  I was so excited to get two more hangers for my “house.”

Last year when Jessica and Aimee took me to this bazaar as a surprise, I had forgotten to add “Willow Creek Lane” which was the first place Matt and I lived, and was what I called our “honeymoon home.”  I got that one as well as the newest Fort Jackson, SC hanger.  LOVE how it looks now!

After we circled the bazaar a few times, tasted a few treats and a few wines, and bought Christmas presents for a few people it was time to find something sweet to eat.  Nutella crepes were on my mind so we each ordered one to-go.  We stopped by the coffee shop (don’t get me started about how Ramstein has a coffee shop with couches and a quiet environment) and ordered pumpkin coffees.  We sat and enjoyed our treats (after the coffees got a little doctoring) while chatting and listening to the background noise… fun memories here:  The original “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie was playing and it took me back to Snowbird Lane watching that movie a hundred times with my brother.  When the credits rolled I remembered Josh singing that rap along with the TV.  I couldn’t have picked a better background-noise-soundtrack!

When I got home Anna and I figured out how to FaceTime and I got to see each of her kids, she got to see 3/4 of mine.  Hayden had already fallen asleep.  We got some plans going for December when we finally get to reconnect for the first time in over 2 years!

After chatting with Anna for a while I did Insanity to combat the chocolate crepe I had for dinner and then went to bed.  While Matt and I were lying there I checked my email one last time and realized I had gotten a very special email from Adam in Columbia.  He had sent a picture of our new house.  (BIG NEWS:  We already have our address and know which house we’re going to live in at Fort Jackson!!)  Adam sent a picture and so I had Matt open it on his iPad.  Then Adam sent another picture. And another.  And another!  He was actually able to go inside the house and take pictures for me!

It was a perfect way to end a great day!  Something nice about seeing the new nest… leaving Germany knowing what our next house looks like is very comforting.

This morning, my actual birthday, has already been great.  I’ll write about today, tomorrow!

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