Habit breaking?!?

  • I have yet to fully comprehend that I just spent 17 days in Italy.
  • I have yet to fully accept that my dream-trip is over.
  • I have yet to put into words the thoughts I have had regarding my trip to Italy.  (But in short, it was perfect!)

So this post is not about Italy.

It’s about Parker and the fact that he may be breaking his thumb-sucking habit.

Three nights ago, on our walk home from our amazing gondola ride, Parker was comfortably riding on my back and Bailey said, “Mom, Parker’s thumb is bleeding!”

I wasn’t alarmed as my kids tend to consider a scratch that shows redness “bleeding.”  But this time Bailey said that the blood was dripping and sure enough, it was close to dripping on my jacket.  We were fairly close to our apartment so we just trucked on, wrapping it as best we could with a napkin.

When I got him home I washed it, dabbed Neosporin on a bandaid, and bandaged him up.  He has yet to let me remove the bandage!  (I did change it once.)  This is his thumb-suckin’ thumb, and he has not sucked his thumb for three days now.  I think I’m going to let him wear that bandaid (or a clean one) as long as he’ll let me and maybe he will break the habit himself.

It only took 9 pictures to get this one! And I’ll explain the two spots on his hand later.

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