What we will miss: 17 – Our House.

I know I’ve mentioned that before we moved to Germany I was hugely concerned about our housing situation.

I was concerned for a few reasons:

  1. I was pregnant and already nesting…
  2. As the homemaker, I am always eager to know what I will have to work with at a new duty station.  (I’ve already done my research on our Fort Jackson housing and even researched housing options at the places we are putting on our “wish list.”  It’s part of my job… it’s why they pay me the big bucks.  I love my job.)
  3. As a family who spends a vast majority of its time at home, school hours and home hours alike, it really matters a lot.  Not that I can do anything about what housing we get, but I enjoy knowing ahead of time what to expect.
  4. I was about to take my family to a new country and had heard conflicting stories about the housing situations we’d encounter.
  5. The conflicting stories we’d heard were mostly negative… with the exception of a few who had loved their time in “stairwell housing,” whatever that meant.

With that being said, I fell in love with our house the minute we walked in.  I never anticipated having this much space and have felt so at home here.  Each of my boys has had their own room, a treat I’m not sure they’ll experience again in our military career.

As I said yesterday I have loved having this much room so we could enjoy having lots of people over.  But the vast majority of our time is spent just the six of us.  Really, just the five of us because someone has to go to work every day!

My house has not always been clean or neat, but it has most definitely been HOME.

Our Bedroom… on Christmas morning! Three excited boys and one who is just wondering why in the WORLD his brothers woke him up early.

Parker’s first bath. It was given to him by his Nana when he was 3 days old.

Our kitchen and dining room were constantly in use!

“The Runway,” also known as our hallway. One of my favorite memories is of this day when Parker went looking for his brothers who had dispersed to their rooms for independent school work.  I wrote about it here.

A bit about our trip:

Today I must leave Venice.  I will return someday, if I like it as much as I predict I will. When I originally made our plans for this trip, I knew we’d have the energy for a 10+ hour drive TO Italy on the way here.  But I figured after 16 days of travel, we’d be tired and not looking forward to a 10 hour drive home.

I found that Zurich, Switzerland was halfway between Venice and home, and decided to stay around there tonight.

After a brief attempt to find a place for us to stay that was within a fairly reasonable price range, I temporarily gave up.  Hotel-shopping for the drive home from an amazing vacation was not nearly as exciting as hotel-shopping for the actual nights of the amazing vacation.

It wasn’t until I took some friends to the airport earlier in October that I got tips for this particular night’s stay.  They told me to look up Lucerne, which was just south of Zurich, and had a famously beautiful bridge.  I remembered this the next morning and within five minutes of googling “B&B Lucerne” I had scored a perfect hotel for our family, 30o meters from the Chapel Bridge, and came in $80 under my projected budget!

Now, I’m almost as excited about Lucerne as I am about Italy… almost!

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One Response to What we will miss: 17 – Our House.

  1. I can understand how it is hard to leave your home.

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