What we will miss: 13 – The Gold Rush III.

I’ve said this before:  I’m not a car person.  I don’t care much about cars.  What I do care about is my car.  I want my car to suit my needs and the needs of a family with six people. I’m very content to keep the same car for a long time, provided it works well and is safe.

So when my beloved Gold Rush III died on the side of the Autobahn I was more sad than frustrated.  Now that we’re leaving Europe, I’m sad to leave it behind.

Yes, I’m just that sappy.  I’m leaving my Gold Rush on this continent and I hate that.  I know some Polish family is living the life in a huge American van with automatic everything and I’m happy for them.  Really.  I am.  But I miss it.  I love the stow-and-go that I have in the Silver Surfer, but I miss the automatic trunk and doors.  I’m already thinking about my next van and the things I hope it has:

  • Obviously, the automatic doors and trunk.
  • Stow-and-Go seats.  (Best of both worlds, with these first two options.)
  • Blue-tooth that allows me to use the pause function.  (The one I have will let me start the music I have on my iPhone but it won’t let me pause.  It also won’t let me hang up a phone call.  I have to dig my phone out of my pocket to hang up.)
  • Here’s the feature I just realized I really miss:  the van automatically knowing it’s me in the driver’s seat and not Matt.  Our very first van had this feature.  It either knew by the remote that was used, the key that was used or we had two buttons and we pressed a button to select which driver.  It moved the seat and mirrors to the correct settings.  It’s been over 10 years since we had that van, so I don’t remember the details, but man, I miss that setting!  Bugs me when I get in my car and can’t reach the pedals or see out my rear-view mirror!

So I’m already making a list, but all the while sad that I’m leaving my Gold Rush III behind.

A few previous blog posts about the vans:

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Photos of my vans:

Hayden and our first van.

Trading up…

Good bye, Gold Rush III, hello Silver Surfer.


A bit about our trip:

VENICE.  Need I say more?  Maybe not, but you know I will.

Today we are leaving Assisi and heading to the place I’m most excited about.  It’s hard to say that because I really am looking forward to every single city we’re going to see, but Venice has an appeal to me that makes me super excited about visiting there.

We are going to stop along the way at a grocery store to restock on basic necessities, after being in a B&B for two nights and at a hostel last night.  We have a basic plan for this afternoon to do Rick Steves’ Grand Canal Tour via podcast and then we’ll have dinner somewhere off the beaten path but near St. Mark’s square.  We will see the Bridge of Sighs and quite possibly Hotel Danili, where Harrison Ford, uh, I mean, Indiana Jones, stayed when he was in Venice.  Cool stuff!

Venice was also the only place I really cared a lot about how nice our apartment was.  In all the other cities I just wanted a safe place to sleep at night, with enough space for all of us.  Oh, and a full kitchen with washer/dryer when possible.  (I’m not picky.  I’m also not sarcastic.)  But in Venice, I also wanted a canal view (even if not the Grand Canal), a little more luxurious feel, and multiple bedrooms.

I’m very pleased with what we booked!

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  1. I’ve never even heard of a vehicle recognizing who was driving and adjusting to their settings. That’s so awesome!! As you can imagine, a more than 13″ height difference between B and me makes for a LOT of adjusting.

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