What we will miss: 12 – The Clinic.

We left civilian life after having all three of our bigs raised under the same pediatrician.  She was fantastic and I trusted her with the health of my babies.  When we moved to Fort Jackson, and then to Fort Carson, I was past the point of being a new mom and so I wasn’t overly concerned about them having the same doctor for their whole lives.
When we realized something was not quite right with Bailey’s sensory-issues, I did a lot of research myself and basically walked into his pediatrician with documentation and statistics.  I predicted that the doctor would mistake the symptoms as autism and combated his initial concerns with the proof that Bailey was not autistic.
I told him what Bailey needed (a referral to see a physical & occupational therapist) and even had the name of the therapist we wanted to see, already sure that that particular one accepted TriCare.

The doctor was impressed with my thorough research and asked if he could keep my papers.  I assured him that I had made those copies for him and was happy that he was willing to learn something new.  I pray that any moms following me into his office who have a child dealing with SPD were able to find him to be a doctor who knew what the problem was and how to handle it.

Because of that situation I learned that the health of my children is my responsibility, not the pediatrician’s.  As the time came for me to deliver my fourth son I expected to have a busy rotation of doctors care for him. I did the research I could for his super-annoying-but-not-life-threatening spitting-up-for-a-year debacle.

What I didn’t expect was that Parker would be blessed to have the same pediatrician for more than the first two years of his life.  In this Army life I find that a huge blessing!  Dr. S. took care of every concern of mine, watched Parker like a hawk, and made sure that he was thriving even if he was still throwing up on me 20 times a day.  (Parker was my only baby with acid reflux.)

With all that, we will miss our clinic!  We remember having to park a mile away from the hospital at Ft. Carson, walk in, take a number, and wait, sometimes up to an hour, for single prescription.

Here we basically park in the building (when we can find a spot, of course), pull a number, more often than not we don’t even get seated before they’ve called our number.  There is no perfect clinic, and I’m not saying we never had an issue we’d like corrected, but for the Hamricks, the good far outweighed the bad.  (And for all my Colorado peeps, our favorite pediatrician moved from Wiesbaden to Fort Carson a few months ago!  Hope you have the pleasure of working with him!)

A bit about our trip:

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.
~St. Francis of Assisi

That quote by St. Francis is Matt’s favorite, and I love it as well.  We have the opportunity to go visit Assisi on this trip and like I’ve said before, if I could fit in everyone’s wishes, I was going to!  In this case, a stop in Assisi for Matt to see where St. Francis was from.  As I was reading a Wikipedia article about him (which is 100% accurate 100% of the time) I learned that he arranged for the first manger scene!  That’s fascinating!   (I guess we can blame him for putting the wise men at the manger just after the birth of Jesus when, in reality, they most likely arrived two years later.  That’s okay.  I get the message of the manger scene and don’t really mind that it’s not 100% historically accurate.  To get it fully accurate it would have to come complete with “manger scene scent” and that is one thing I’m not okay with.)

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1 Response to What we will miss: 12 – The Clinic.

  1. Colic Calm – that is all I can say COLIC CALM!!!! Saved me – so sorry you too have had to endure reflux – I wish I knew about colic calm for my first….it has worked so well for us. I want to hand a bottle to every new mom I see.
    Can’t wait to hear about your trip – and SEE your pics.

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