What we will miss: 11 – The Chapel.

Matt, the boys, and I love doing life with people who love Jesus.  That’s what church really is.  It’s not about a building, a program, a study, or a even a great preacher. It’s simply doing life with other people who are striving to love Jesus more each day and we found a bunch of those people at our chapel.  Many of the friendships we made there extended beyond the walls of the church onto the soccer field, the dining room, and restaurants all over town.

Some of my fondest memories include the ceremony during which Parker and his baby-buds were dedicated to the Lord, Matt baptizing the bigs in the freezing cold water in the basement, and serving communion along-side my husband to the amazing friends we’ve made.

ChapelNext Wiesbaden’s mission statement includes three challenges: Worship, Connect, Serve.  We have done all of these things with this group of people.  What an honor.  What a fantastic set of memories we take.

Other random memories, both in text and photograph:

Matt pinging someone in the head with a water bottle; cook-outs at Ameila Earhart; bowling functions at the WEC; PWOC; Fall Fest Family Fun Night; FPU; Men’s Bible study; Praise Team; AWANA; Preaching (Matt, obviously); Children’s Church; lots of babies and lots of kids:

A bit about our trip:

Today we will tour the Pompeii Excavations.  I have prepared the boys as well as I can for what they are going to see.  We have seen some horrible images of bodies tortured by evil dictators, ravaged by starvation, and subjected to the most awful pain imaginable at the different museums around Europe.

In Pompeii the boys will see the paster casts of actual bodies in the positions they died in. In some cases, the facial expressions the people were making at the time of their death were frozen in time, allowing us to get a brief glimpse of what their last moments were like. If you’re interested, google “Pompeii cast” and you’ll see a bit of what I’m referring to.

I pray I have done a good enough job in advance.

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