What we will miss: 10 – Our downtown.

Our town is so pretty!  

Easter Market

There’s an old Roman wall in my town!

I just read on this website that there’s a Roman museum near the wall!  We’ll be going down to visit that before we PCS!

A bit about our trip:

If all roads lead to Rome, then the reverse is also true.  All roads lead from Rome.  Today we head from the eternal city to Pompeii.  Friends who have done this trip in the past gave us the tip that the scenic route is not worth the extra time on this leg of the trip, so we’re going to head down the toll roads.  (Between Camp Darby and Rome they say the scenic route is well worth the added hours in the car.)  Before we land at our B&B we are going to try to see Mt. Vesuvius.  We considered seeing Sulfaterra but Carson had a preference to see Vesuvius.  If I can make it happen, I’m going to!

Our B&B owners have been extremely helpful and have given us nearby restaurant ideas and even a place to pack a picnic lunch for our second day in Pompeii.  The recommendation for this B&B comes from the same friend who suggested the scenic route and I’ll let you know after out trip if I can recommend it as highly.  So far, I’m very pleased with their level of communication.  If you want to check out the place online, click here.

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  1. beautiful photos! especially love the one of the eastern market 🙂

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