What we will miss: 9 – Hainerberg Elementary School.

AWANA was held at the Hainerburg Elementary School gym the first two years we were here and VBS was there all three summers!

Opening Ceremony for AWANA. November 2011

AWANA Opening Ceremony with Owen and Carson holding the flags.

VBS 2012

VBS 2010 – Aimee and Kayla, who was around two months old.

VBS 2010 – Jessica and Connor, who was about three months old.

I also want to give a shout-out to the principal there.  She’s a fantastic woman who happens to be a fellow Chaplain’s wife.  She has been so helpful to me as a homeschooler. She has offered the school for our homeschool functions and has led her teachers to be homeschool friendly.  We needed to borrow some equipment for a science experiment a few years ago and one of the teachers was kind enough to let us take two home for a whole month!

A bit about our trip:

il papa.  We won’t actually be seeing the Pope while there but we will be seeing his country!  Today we tour the Vatican, starting with the museum in the morning.  We have been given a good tip to have a snack and a little rest-the-legs break at the café just before we enter the Sistine Chapel.  After our break and our jaw-dropping view of the amazing frescos by Michelangelo we’ll leave out the secret exit to tour St. Peter’s Basilica.

A few things I’m VERY excited to see:

  • Sistine Chapel
  • The Raphael Rooms
  • Bernini’s Colonnade
  • Bernini’s Baldacchino

After this we’ll go back to our apartment, which is nearby, for a nap.

This afternoon we will see the Pantheon in the daylight, which won’t take long.  After that I have a question mark beside Castile St. Angelo.  It’s a nearby fortress that the Popes have used as a defense during different raids over the centuries.  There’s a neat passage way between the two.  I would like to see it but we may be too tired.

For dinner, Hard Rock Café.  Making my husband a happy man!

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